Top 5 SAF Cookhouses That Have The Best Food

I’m sure that many of us has nostalgic memories of our days as NSFs and one large part of our NSF experience will definitely be about the food; after all, we are a makan culture and most of us are extremely particular about the food that we eat. Many of us have fond – or not so fond – memories about the cookhouses in our camps. Previously, we had an article on why SAF cookhouse food is the best, and many of us just have to agree to disagree. So without further ado, read to find out which 5 cookhouses in the SAF today is the best.

Stagmont Camp (Signal Institute)
I have only been there for a week but lunchtimes for that week was pretty awesome. The cookhouse aunties and uncles were extremely friendly and the food was delicious and well-cooked. I was shocked to hear that they were voted the worst cookhouse before; it may have something to do with why they were so awesome when I visited them.

BMTC School 1
I’m sure we all fondly remember the first lunch that we had with our parents/friends on the day of enlistment. Mine was chicken rice and the food was awesome. Of course, after your family or friends have left the island, the food provided start to deteriorate and lose its luster. You will find, however, that the food provided in the cookhouse is good after you pass out from BMT and goes to the mainland units.

Kranji Camp III
One of the writers mentioned that the cookhouse in this camp is good. He postulates that it could be because HQ supply is there and big shots occasionally go to this cookhouse for their meals.

Pasir Laba Camp
Located deep in the western part of Singapore, the cookhouse in PLC is known for the good food that they provided.

Commando Camp
Usually you will hear commandoes complaining about the training and activities, but rarely do you hear them complain about the food provided.

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