Top 5 Steps You Need To Do To Plan For Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Pre-wedding photoshoot, otherwise termed as engagement sessions, is a great way to tell your love story. Planning your photo shoot might seem to be mind boggling especially for newly engaged couples who are camera shy and might be their first time doing a photoshoot. Let Aiido team break it down and guide you through this process.

Step One: Decide on the Theme

First and foremost, decide on the theme(s). Do you want to do something casual or a themed photoshoot? Decide with your partner what type of engagement photos you both would like to achieve, and also discuss the budget to be allocated for this shoot.

Upon deciding the theme, create a lookbook. This will help you to visualize the end result. After which, you can begin the search for the right vendors you are going to work with, from photographer to make up artist.

If you have the budget, engaging a stylist would save you the hassle as the stylist will conceptualize the theme, source for the necessary props and do the setup on the day of the shoot.

Step Two: Search for the right Vendors

During the search for vendors, browse through their portfolio and see if their style is what you are looking for and check their availability for your desired shoot date.

When you are looking for your pre-wedding photographer, do remember to check how many pictures will be returned in soft copy, and in prints (if you require them). At the same time, find out how many images will be edited, and the expected delivery time. It would be best to have your pre-wedding photo shoot done about 3-6 months prior to your big day.

For brides to be, you might want to engage a professional makeup artist and have your nails beautified. It will be good to discuss with them beforehand, especially with the makeup artist, about the look you want with reference pictures. At the same time, you might want to send pictures of what you will be wearing, so that the entire look will be consistent.

For the outfits, some couples choose to have their pre-wedding shoot done in casual wear, while most choose to don their bridal gowns and suits. Don’t forget to accessorize with your outfit. Most gown rental packages will include complimentary rental of accessories to match with the gown, which includes necklace, bracelets, gloves and even veil.

Step Three: Recee the Photo Shoot Locations

You may also face the dilemma whether to do it in an indoor (usually in a studio) or outdoor location.

Indoor photography is favoured by those who prefer to have control over their environment. A studio set-up gives you complete reign over the lighting. Couples can also choose to have it at their home to feel more at ease.

As for outdoor photography, photographs usually turn out more candid and you get to have a beautiful landscape in the background, whether it is in the middle of a forest or along the buzzing Orchard Road. However, the photographer has a more unpredictable but exciting environment to work with, being subjected to elements such as the weather, lighting which cannot be fully controlled.

Nevertheless, many couples today prefer to have their pre-wedding photoshoot done outdoors, especially at locations that are memorable to them, such as the place where they first met or that quaint little cafe where he proposed. Some locations may require prior permission and/or a small fee to use their location, especially restaurants and cafes.

For outdoor locations, please do a site recce prior to the shoot. Locate the nearest toilets to allow the change of outfits easily. If you plan to shoot at multiple locations, look out for photo spots in the surrounding areas by to cut down travelling time and get more shots taken.

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Most photographers charge an hourly basis, thus if you spend too much time travelling in between locations, the number of shots may be limited.

Step Four: Be Prepared

Research for poses that you like to emulate from the Internet, magazines and have them pinned onto your Pinterest board. Practise the poses together with your partner before you both get in front of the camera and you’ll feel a lot more confident.

For outdoor photoshoots, you will have to be more prepared. You might want to pack the following items into a small cabin bag, to allow you to move around easily.

    1. Plasters
    2. Slippers or comfy shoes (especially if you are not used to wearing high heels)
    3. Sunblock
    4. Tissue paper
    5. Wet wipes (preferably antiseptic type)
    6. Safety pins & bobby pins
    7. Plastic bag (in case there are no rubbish bins nearby)
    8. Water bottle (For brides, you might want to bring a straw to minimize the lipstick stains)
    9. Nu bra
    10. Outfits + Matching Shoes + Accessories
    11. Insect repellant (Tea tree or Peppermint oil works too!)
    12. Umbrella or raincoats

Draw up a schedule with ample buffer time in between, to avoid time and money wastage by doing proper planning.

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Check out the weather forecast and in the event of bad weather or any unforeseen circumstances, do have a backup plan.

Aiido team highly recommends you to send a reminder message to all vendors.


Have a good sleep the night before!


Step Five: The Photoshoot Day

Don’t forget to have breakfast. Trust us, you will be so caught up with the shoot till you forget to have your meals.

Based on our experience with outdoor photo shoots, we would like to recommend you do it either in the morning around 8am to 10am or in the evening from 5pm to 7pm. If you plan to shoot in the afternoon, there might be harsh sunlights which result in shadows on your faces, or even under/overexposed photos.

For outdoor shoots, remember to apply sunblock!


Don’t have to be too nervous, stay happy and let the poses flow naturally. Have fun and enjoy the photo shoot! Stay hydrated, take water breaks in between.

Hope you found this guide useful for your upcoming photo shoot. Please share any tips you may have by sending us an email to [email protected]

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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