Top 5 supper places in the east of S’pore that you shouldn’t miss


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:35 pm

Easties, I would say that you have some of the most awesome supper places in the whole of Singapore.

Maybe 5 listings is not even enough to cover for all the delicious delicacies in the East but we’ll keep them coming up!

126 Wen Dao Shi Dim Sum @ Geylang

126, or Wan Dou Sek, literally means “found something to eat” in Cantonese.

This place is one of the most authentic Hong Kong style dim sum in Singapore. And whoever thought of its operation hours of 24 hours everydayis a brilliant genius. Being in the Geylang area, it is a place that never sleeps. No matter what time your “breakfast” is – nobody judges.

For a meaningful visit to this eatery, one must always try their Chee Chong Fun, as they come in thickened sweet sauce rather than the normal black sauce or soya sauce that we get from outside. Their fried stuffs that comes with mayo are pretty popular and theirSiew Mai and HarGow would probably not go wrong. Whatever it is, it is the entire experience of sitting by the road side with your friends with piping hot dimsum that make the experience at 126 so wonderful.

126 Sims Ave, Singapore 387449


Mongkok Dim Sum @ Geylang

If 126 might not be able to accommodate your group, then head on over to Mongkok Dim Sum around the same area for some of the same authentic Hong Kong style dim sum.

Mongkok Dim Sum opens till 5am in the morning and is famous for its 3 Yolk Crab Porridge. They also serve traditional Hong Kong style steamed rice roll with BBQ pork, coupled with light sweet soy sauce and sesame oil – that is how Hong Kong people eat them, and not our usually Singapore styled black sauce Chee Chong Fun. Their crispy Pan Fried Carrot Cake is also quite worthy, while it is priced at only $3.

Definitely a budget place when it comes to Dim Sum.

214 Geylang Road, Singapore 389274

Bedok 85/ Feng Shan Food Centre @ Bedok

Yes, here comes the famous Bedok 85 Food Centre. I guess nobody don’t know what is so good about this food centre? It is a food heaven.I’ll tell you why.

There are 2 famous Ba ChorMee stalls (Xing JiRuoCuoMian and Seng HiangBakChorMee) located just side by side along the first row of the hawker stalls. They both have their fair share of loyal customers and the quality of the BCM also varies from time to time. But nevertheless, it is still the best soup-based BCM in Singapore. Be warned that the waiting time can range up to half an hour. Yes, for a bowl of BCM.

And then there is the Oyster Omelette from Bedok North 85 Fried Oyster which is also a must-try because of its perfect starch to egg ratio in the mixture. It is very crispy on the outside while soft and juicy on the inside.

The BBQ Grilled Chicken Wings from Sin Bedok North BBQ Chicken Wings, the Sambal Stingray, and the Ah Bailing Peanut Soup are also some of the most delicious stalls in their respective categories. Cheap and good.

Feng Shan Market and Food Centre, 85 Bedok North Street 4, Singapore 460085

FeiFei Wanton Mee @ JooChiat

How can an Eastie not tried FeiFei Wanton Mee? Located at JooChiat, it has consistently delicious wanton, and probably some of the best in town. Their egg noodles were good, with thick and soft texture (some known it as QQ) that makes it pretty decent for machine-made noodles these days.

72 JooChiat Place, Singapore 427789

Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken Soup @ Kembangan

Let’s get it straight, they have things besides just Black Herbal Chicken Soup!

This stall is actually an old-fashioned zi char stall located just opposite Kembangan MRT station that opens until 4am every day. You would have to go up to the counter and order your own food that is actually quite reasonably priced.

Their Kidney MeeSua, Claypot Chicken and Fried NgohHiang are a few recommendations that you can try. The MeeSua is silky smooth and the soup base is good too! Their NgohHiang can be fried to perfection – a nice crisp on the outside yet moist and juicy inside.


467 Changi Road, Singapore 419887

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