Top 5 Timeless Wedding Proposal Ideas Revealed

The best marriage proposal idea is a subject of frequent debate. This is because there were some awfully terrible marriage proposals done by men living on this earth, so it comes as no surprise that the proposals did not make it to the aisle.

Men who want to proclaim their love have come up with so many things that are plain wrong and had to face up to the hard facts of life. Not many survived the heartbreak, that’s why I recommend that you burst the “not’s” in marriage proposals – to help you avoid joining their ranks.

Top 5 Timeless Wedding Proposals Revealed - Girl holding I Say Yes Sign

As a rule of thumb to propose, you’ll need to know if your sweetheart is a lover of material object, a principle, a special date, a loving gesture or limelight. Proposing with something she is deeply committed to or holds great values for has a much more sentimental meaning than all the other things in the world.

For example, it seems to me that these days, girls of this nation tend to post the photos of themselves and their sweethearts on networking sites to show to the whole world. Countless of photos showing where they celebrate their first anniversary, the gifts they receive on this special day and bla bla bla are uploaded every day like a ton of bricks.

And when we do indulge ourselves in something like this, it clearly shows we are lovers of limelight, which of course, I’ll suggest some of the great ideas to propose if your sweetheart happens to fall into this category.

Here are the top five timeless wedding proposal ideas for you to bring your woman on a journey to the aisle after you’ve gotten to know her romantic attachment.

1. Propose With a Diamond Ring, the Bigger the Better

Top 5 Timeless Wedding Proposals Revealed - diamond wedding ring

When my dear friend Jessica was treated to a surprise dinner by her then-boyfriend, her initial thought was, Ahh…just another candlelight dinner! But then she got the surprise of her lifetime when the waiter delivered a 2 carat diamond ring along with her entrees.

At the same time, her boyfriend got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?”and she said “Yes!” And they lived happily ever after.

Such is the story of a successful proposal with a simple gesture and an impressive diamond ring. Unfortunately, this kind of wedding proposal is almost certainly non-guaranteed and risky if your girlfriend is not a lover of material objects.

Advice: Ask her mother or best friend to help give some ideas with the design, and just be part of the buying process. And finally, never scrimp on the ring since it is a huge deal and a lifetime commitment. She deserves nothing but the best.

2. Popping the Question Face-to-Face in Public

Top 5 Timeless Wedding Proposals Revealed - Couple holding a wedding ring

As an alternative, I’d like to suggest popping the question face-to-face, and do it in the public. Texting her and asking her to marry you is a definite no-no.

I don’t know for sure if there are ladies who accepted a marriage proposal via Watsapp or Snapchat, but majority of them in a survey opined says they all need the other half’s physical appearance (and something close to an eyeball and eyeball contact) in a marriage proposal.

Before you begin, pick a perfect spot to propose, have a choir, brass band or drum line show up, and hire a photographer to capture your proposal. Make sure you propose in front of the camera so that your lover can upload the video on YouTube and invite her friends and family to watch the proposal later!

Advice: Ideally, pick a decent proposal line because it will be uploaded onto the Internet for many to see and adore. Express your valuable opinions, speak about her good qualities and how she has enriched your life, and tell her you hope to share your future with her.

3. Asking the Question With Romantic Gestures

Top 5 Timeless Wedding Proposals Revealed - Couple with balloons sunset background

Hello guys, what do you think is required to get the woman you love to marry you?

If you have to reenact a scene of her favourite romantic movie, then go ahead! Sometimes actions can be more romantic than words. So if you are with a woman who demands romantic experiences, then build a unique scene especially for the proposal.

Sadly, many guys spend hours agonizing over how to pick just the perfect act for her.

My opinion? You can do lots of stuff for her like decorating her room with photo memories from your relationship and making a trail of candles to a circle of roses positioned around the ring, to creating glow-in-the-dark materials that spell out “Will you marry me?”


Just remember that your girlfriend loves you and won’t be judging you over the whole act.

Advice: Get your act together!

4. Sneaking into Her Office to Reveal the Message

Top 5 Timeless Wedding Proposals Revealed - Wedding proposal with ring

Indeed there are women out there who are still very much stuck to their principle of ‘all work and no play makes Jill a classy girl’. These women are hopeless in their love relationships and their lives revolve around their work.

With this type of girls, you have to be mentally prepared, or at the very least, tailor a plan to execute your fairy-tale proposal (in her office that is!).


Sneak into her office with the help of her coworkers and write your proposal on her desk or on a big glass window where she can see from her desk. Then jump out suddenly and pop the big question.

Don’t forget to gather your supplies for proposal in advance (e.g. a nice ring, flowers, a gift, etc.) and make sure you have also communicated with her boss in advance that you’re going to ask her to marry you.

Advice: Proposing in her workplace is a big deal, or in this case, allows no room for error. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned, so make 101% sure everything is properly executed and steer clear of any unexpected hiccups!

5. A Surprise Proposal on the Same Date of Your First Date

Top 5 Timeless Wedding Proposals Revealed - asian couple celebrating with cake and drinks

Confusing? Don’t be. Looking for a special date to propose can be quite a conundrum for every aspiring husband-to-be.


While you do not want to pop the question just about any time, you can choose to propose on Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, or even the day when you first went for your first date.

The perfect date should reflect you and your other half as a couple and your unique relationship. So obviously for a guy to propose on that particular day is a special proposal to a woman who takes anniversary and special days seriously.

Advice: On the days leading up to your proposal date, pretend to have forgotten everything about the anniversary. And on that very day, invite her to the place where you met each other for the first time, and put on a t-shirt with the text “Will you marry me?”

To make the proposal extra special, make sure the destination is packed with drama and imbued with enough romance. So to all you guys who are planning to propose, here’s wishing you good luck and all the best!


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