Top 5 WWF wrestlers that we Singaporeans used to support

Because YouTube was not born in the 1990s, our only source of entertainment at home was TV, and TV then comprised mainly Channel 8 melodramatic dramas, variety shows and…wrestling. Yes, wrestling—when it used to be called WWF (nothing to do with the Singapore Zoo). We used to watch people throwing each other on an arena made with boards that never broke. And because we were so obsessed with them, we’ve, erm, torn a few T-shirts here and there just to look like them. Kinda. So let’s dive in to the top five wrestlers that we all used to go gaga over, eh?

Hulk Hogan

Yellow. That’s all I can tell you without much elaboration. He’s yellow. Very yellow. Like an overly ripe banana that refuses to turn black. So yellow that he’s…yellow.

The Rock

If you know him as Dwayne Johnson, then we’ve a generation gap between us. Not too long ago, he was a chef in WWF, cooking and asking others whether anyone knows what he’s cooking. So far, after so many years, we still don’t know what he’s cooking. By the way, Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?


Stone Cold Steve Austin

What do you think of him? It doesn’t matter what you think! If you continue to KPKB, I’ll Stone Cold Stunner you!

The Ultimate Warrior

If Hulk Hogan is yellow, The Ultimate Warrior is colourful. In the past, the rivalry between these two wrestlers was like Manchester United vs Liverpool. You either support yellow or you support the colourful: there is no grey.

The Undertaker

Long ago, there was a very thin line between The Undertaker and death; when he appeared then, we were all reminded of Grim Reaper. But through the years, he seemed to have toned down and become more of a mainstream wrestler.