Top 7 Korean BB cream to help you achieve that flawless look

In the last few years, BB cream has reached worldwide popularity. It was first founded by a German dermatologist before it becomes a sensation in South Korea and around Asia. BB Cream is a lightly formulated foundation that contains extra hydrations, SPF, and all those anti-aging properties needed for skin.

We have rounded up the top Korean BB Cream that, not just conceal, but also has a healing formula for your blemish skin. And an extra reward of dewy skin!

1. Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit by Etude Houseetude_houseNow, Etude girls can feel the craze of BB Cream. Precious Mineral BB Cream helps to brighten the complexion and makes the skin pearly. There are 3 numbers to choose depending on your skin tone. It is packed with hydrating moisturizer from bamboo sap– suitable for those with dry skin.

2. Snowise Whitening Essence BB with SPF by SulwhasoosulwhasooThis BB Cream is formulated with whitening serum that also works as pore minimize. The SPF property protects the skin from UV rays and while making it look smooth – a perfect coverage base before you apply your make up.

3. Botanique Enriched Repair Emulsion by VDLvdlAn enriching formula of natural ingredients – Botanique BB cream has abundant nutrition for the skin. It conceal blemish and smoothen the skin surface. It is also a perfect make up base that may protect your skin from debris and formulated beauty products you use after.

4. Aloe Sun BB Cream with SPF, by SkinFoodskinfoodThis affordable Korean brand is actually the pioneer of cosmetic brand in Korea. Aloe Sun BB Cream in particular, provides the skin with rich moisturizer and aloe vera plus extra prevention property against UV rays with its SPF 50. It keeps the skin hydrated while not appearing oily. Also, a great product to apply for daily natural look.

5. M Perfect Cover BB Cream with SPF, by MisshamisshaMissha packs its BB cream in 2 different tubes, 20 and 50 ml. It has a liquid texture – not suitable for your makeup base but is perfect to create that fresh look for day to day, and of course, extra protection for the skin all day long with its SPF 42.

6. Luminuous Goddes Aura BB Cream by Tony MolytolymolyThis BB cream has a multitasking property that can beam the glowy aura to your skin. It’s a medium coverage that easily blends out and controls the oil. You can appear fresh all day while giving a full hydration to your skin.

7. Super Origin Collagen BB Cream with SPF by Natural RepublicnaturerepublicA natural coverage that’s light and smooth – Natural Republic formulates this BB Cream with an airy feel and in beige color. It’s ideal for normal skin type that doesn’t need oil control property. The powdery texture is so easy to blend out. For a full skin protection against UVA and UVB, Super Origin Collagen is formulated with SPF 25.

Source: ulzzangstyle


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