Top 8 apps that cost over $200 and are absolutely useless


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

A history lesson for some: in 1983, there were many game consoles and game, and most of these games were made within days or hours, and then manufactured and sold. With an influx of “rubbish” games, the entire industry crashed—only to be revived by Nintendo then.

Fast forward back to 2015. Now, there are many smartphones and many apps, and some apps are made by developers who might just be students wanting to make it big. We now have apps that serve absolutely no function and cost over SGD$200. Think I’m kidding? I kid you not. If you’ve got SGD$200 and don’t know how to spend them, check these out.

Most Expensive App
Buy here:
Cost: SGD$270
The name says it all. The in-app screenshot says it all. And yet, the description indicates that 10 to 50 people have installed it. If that is even the slightest truth, the developer must really be laughing all the way to the bank.

The Abu Moo collection

Buy Here:
Cost: SGD$254.90 to SGD$270
Why the range, you might ask. Well, because it’s a series. The cost of the entire series is a whopping SGD$15,926.20. The developer’s argument is that since you are rich and successful, and you may want to buy widgets that others don’t own, just like owning jewelry that others can only dream of.

Got Cash?

Buy here:
Cost: SGD$252.02
Once in a while, you need to show others that you’ve got cash. Assets are so mainstream. Buying this means that $250 is mere spare change to you.  And oh, the app is so exclusive that you can’t even find a screenshot of it.

Deduce – Grandmaster Edition

Buy here:
Cost: SGD$261.74
It is developed by Sad Toy, and indeed it is a sad toy. It is basically a chess-like game for players 4 to 104. But beyond this game lies an ingenious marketing decision made by the developer (albeit one that didn’t work, though). Know what it is yet?


Super Color Runner
Buy here:
Cost: SGD$250.04
It looks like a game from the 1990s handheld game with colour. You know, Western Bar? But no one except the developer knows how it works because so far, I’m sure no sane person would buy it just to try it. What is amazing is that this is merely “a very experimental game”. I should call it a very expensive game instead.

Water Globe

Buy here:
Cost: SGD$249.99
A set of “interactive screen toys”! How revolutionary! This itself will completely kill off Toys”R”Us. I mean, you get to control things inside a globe. Can the most sophisticated toy do that? No. iPhone killed Nokia; now, Water Globe in iPhone will kill Toys”R”Us. Wait and see.

Barcelona vs Madrid

Buy here:
Cost: SGD$368.98
Just like Manchester United vs Liverpool, Barcelona vs Real Madrid is one of the matches that cost thousands of men to take MC the next day. Basically, in this game or simulation or whatever, you watch a match between Barcelona vs Real Madrid. And that’s it.
Barcelona vs Madrid, so it’s not real. Get it?

Perfect Penalty 2012

Buy here:
Cost: $299.99
From the developers of Barcelona vs Madrid comes Perfect Penalty 2012. Following the phenomenal success of Barcelona vs Madrid, it’s no surprise that another game or simulation or whatever follows. Oh, wait. This comes first. That means people like this so much that they demanded for a Barcelona vs Madrid game or simulation or whatever.
Just look at the graphic and screenshot. It’s so unique and different from Barcelona vs Madrid !


Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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