Top 5 Hokkien Songs We Often Hear In Coffee Shops


Last Updated on 2023-06-17 , 12:40 pm

Hokkien Songs: A Melodic Heritage in Singapore

Picture this: a time in Singapore when dialects, or as some prefer to say, distinct languages, reverberated in the air. Whether it was Hokkien, Cantonese, or Hakka, they all had their place in the cultural mosaic. Although a language policy saw the phasing out of these “dialects” among those born post-1975, traces of this vibrant past can still be found in the popular Hokkien songs that can be heard in coffee shops and, perhaps, in your own home.

The Enduring Popularity of the Hokkien Song

The famous Hokkien songs of yesteryears were the equivalent of the Jay Chou or Justin Bieber tracks of today. Their melodies, even decades later, are still as familiar as ever. Let’s journey down memory lane to the best Hokkien songs that continue to touch hearts and evoke nostalgia.

欢喜就好: An Old Hokkien Song that Sparks Joy

In the realm of the Hokkien song popular during festive occasions, “欢喜就好” holds a special place. It’s practically the anthem for Chinese New Year. Occasionally, as you stroll past a karaoke room, you might catch the melodious strains of this old Hokkien song. A middle-aged man, passionately belting out the lyrics with a beautiful Hokkien accent, can make you wonder whether this was the “Royals” of its time.

爱拼才会赢: A Hokkien Song Famous for its Chorus

Here’s a truth many of us can agree on: regardless of whether you’re 8 or 88, you know the catchy chorus of “爱拼才会赢”. This song has such a strong foothold in the popular Hokkien songs’ list that, if there’s one Hokkien phrase you ought to know, it should be this one.

我问天: A Not-So-Old Hokkien Song with a TV Connection

The list of famous Hokkien songs wouldn’t be complete without mentioning “我问天”. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t exactly an old Hokkien song. However, its popularity soared thanks to its frequent TV appearances. This catchy tune led to a flurry of WhatsApp messages being sent to heaven before and after each airing.

如果我有一百万: A Best Hokkien Song for the Ages

Jack Neo’s films have a distinct charm, connecting with Singaporeans and Malaysians alike. Many were introduced to the unforgettable “如果我有一百万” through his movies. But for those who remember, this song, similar to the viral hit “What Does the Fox Say,” was a delight. Funny, catchy, and irresistibly entertaining, it holds a spot in the old Hokkien songs’ list that continues to charm audiences.


乾一杯: A Hokkien Song from a Different Era

The popular Hokkien songs from the past also include gems like “乾一杯.” For every Jay Chou, there’s a Jolin Tsai – and this song exemplifies just that. And is it just me, or does the music video appear…hilarious?

Before we wrap up, here’s a comforting thought for those who understand Hokkien but struggle to speak it: you are not alone. The enduring allure of Hokkien songs bears testament to the language’s beauty and its profound cultural impact. Let them serve as a reminder of our shared heritage.

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