Here’s how you can try out new sports activities and “pamper-me” sessions without going broke

If you’re anything like many of us, you love the prospect of getting good at a sport. Not at a professional level, of course. Just enough knowledge and technical ability to receive a serve if it’s a turn-based game or support a teammate if the sport requires teamwork.

But then comes the most dreaded part of trying something new: commitment. They say putting in 10 mins of practice every day for 2 years for any sport will invariably mould you into an expert. But really, nobody has enough patience and discipline to commit to that kind of practice routine, especially if the sport requires a big training area and bulky equipment that needs to be set up and torn down. Ughh. Zero patience. Coupled with our inflated sense of laziness, trying out a new sport is a no-no unless it’s to charm a crush or your life depended on it.

On the flipside, giving a new sport a try just to see how it plays out is also out of the question. Not only are new things expensive, they are a logistical nightmare. If only you have access to countless gyms, fields and venues that enable quick trials… sigh.

So is there actually a way to try out a new sport without the pesky commitment that follows? Well, the answer is, a resounding YES. We’re reaching the climax so let me just pepper the answer with some cool graphics just to ensure that this resolution is hyped up.

cant wait

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Here it is:

KFIT allows you to try out new sports without those bothersome obligations.

If you’re living on planet Earth, chances are, you would have heard of KFIT before, but never got the chance to try the app out. So let me tell you what KFIT specialises in and how you can try out all the sports you’ll ever only dream of.

KFIT is an app that gives you access to various gyms, studios, salons and spas in Singapore. Not only will you be able to discover all the fitness, beauty and wellness activities available, you’ll be able to plan and book them up to a week in advance to fit them around your schedule! It is basically your one-stop app for everything fitness and wellness, especially if you’re one of those busy bees without the luxury of time to commit to virtually anything.

Stop leaving your sports tryouts in your mind’s peripheral because with KFIT, you’ll be able to attend fitness classes at a cut! With the innovative pay-as-you-go transaction model, you can enjoy entry rates and service deals lower than the walk-in prices. You know how expensive those pesky walk-in prices are, right?

Alright, alright let’s progress. What kind of fitness activities can you try out with the aid of KFIT actually? Loads. Here’s a unique one:

Maddspace Singapore

maddspace singapore

Maddspace Singapore offers something called Kararobics – a healthy combination of karaoke-singing and aerobic moves created for a full body workout experience! Shape and tone your voice as well as your muscles as you sing and dance along to the greatest hits. Sounds challenging? Well, it is! But rest assured because the oldest student is over 50 years old! If she can do it, so can you (not that we believe peeps over 50 years old are not as capable as us young’uns though)!

Golf, futsal, biking, tennis, baseball, athletics, yoga, rock climbing, Muay Thai, CrossFit, kickboxing, Capoeira, Zumba and many, many more!

Simply head to this schedule page to discover all the sports that you can try!

Pssst! It’s not just limited to sports!

KFIT allows you to choose from a plethora of beauty and wellness packages with their BeautyFIT and SpaFIT expansion! With over 100 quality beauty partners like Skin Inc and Pink Parlour, KFIT provides great deals to live a life of holistic and sustainable lifestyle. Woo! Let’s highlight some great merchants available on KFIT (which I think most of you beauty fans will love).

Great value deals:

1. Lush Aesthetics


Laser Facial @ SGD 38.00

2. Bejeweled


Manicures start from SGD 20.00

3. Fabulous Aesthetics

fabulous aesthetics


Indoor Tanning @ SGD 18.00

4. Regina


IPL sessions start from SGD 10.00

5. Kimage Hair Studio

kimage hair studio

Wash and blow (short hair) @ SGD 30.00


6. Calla Spa

calla spa

With Calla Spa’s mission for self-indulgence and KFIT’s call for a better you, you’ll find out just how much Calla Spa’s full usage of facilities and complimentary dining will mean to you (and your well-being!).

Reserve now for only SGD 78.00!

7.Ikeda Spa Prestige

white ion sento onsen

Ikeda Spa Prestige, located in Clarke Quay Central, features Singapore’s first open-styled communal bathhouse that’s so prevalent in Japan. With the White Ion Sento Onsen service offered, your skin will be detoxified and radiant! Hmmm… sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day plan?


Reserve now for only SGD 39.00!

For males:

Calling all males, calling all males, KFIT’s BeautyFIT and SpaFIT section isn’t just all-female! Males get some love too, with these merchants:

1. Thomas D’Esthetique


Get started with Thomas D’Esthetique here

2. Sultans of Shave

sultans of shave

Get started with Sultans of Shave here

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