How to turn off notifications for merely Pirate Kings (and keep other notifications still on)


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

Don’t you just hate it when you are going to sleep one night and your phone beeps? And when you thought that it’s an important message or notification, you see this for the fifth time today: “Jacky and 7 others invited you to play Pirate Kings”.

To be honest, I now hate Pirate Kings as much as I used to hate Candy Crush.

Most of us thought we can’t just turn off the notifications specifically just for Pirate Kings, so we leave it on and let it annoy us.

Fret no more. There’re actually two ways to turn off the notifications solely for Pirate Kings.

Option 1: Specifically turn it off with your browser
Unfortunately, this can only be done with a computer, but the notification will stop for both your browser and your phone.
– Simply go to Facebook  with a browser
– Click on the notification button at the top right (the one with an Earth shape)
– You should see all your notifications. Look for one with a Pirate Kings invitation (it shouldn’t be far)
– Move your mouse to the right of Pirate Kings logo. You should see a cross (turn off)
– Click on the cross
-This will appear: “Turn off notifications from Pirate Kings?”
– Shout “Hell yeah!” and click on “Turn off”
– Smile and read what you see: “You will not get notifications from Pirate Kings”

Option 2: Play Pirate Kings
Erm, let’s just focus on Option 1 instead.

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