Which type of Disney Princess are you or your friends?

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Have you ever looked at your friend and feel that somehow she is really familiar? You don’t know if it’s her Pocahontas outfit or the little Mermaid hair that stands out more. Her gentle nature with the animals just reminds you of a certain quality that most Disney Princesses possess. Look no further! This article will illustrate the traits of Disney Princesses and if your friend is a 70% fit, she can be proclaimed an official Disney Princess. Get ready the glass slipper because I’m going to bring you on a pumpkin carriage ride to the ball!

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

The most prominent feature of Belle is her avid love for reading. Because of her love for reading, she is usually very smart and peppers her language with vocabulary that you never knew exist.

To identify if your friend is a Belle, she is usually a quiet person, and of course, someone who loves reading. A Belle is usually witty and smart, and she is usually in the good books of people around her. She’s that girl who frequents the library, and reads during recess break. She is also the one seated on the MRT train reading “Salvage the Bones”. She always uses words like “acrimony”, “alacrity” or “approbation” to describe things and even if she doesn’t use these 3 words, she always leaves you feeling lost.

When speaking with her, the common reply is “Huh? Gong Simi?? Speak Engrish prease?” Once you hear this reply or you have responded her in such manner, you know for sure that she is definitely a Belle.

Rapunzel (Tangled)

Please don’t mix Rapunzel up with Belle even though both of them are well read. Rapunzel is someone who enjoys adventures but has a passive aggressive relationship with her mother.

If your friend is always bailing on you for nights out to supper because her mother doesn’t let her go, it is a classic Rapunzel sign.  She is a very fun friend and easily the most popular girl in your school because of her outgoing nature. She is also very talented artistically with drawing, singing and dancing. But most of her time is spent at home with curfews set by her mother. You will often be giving her advice to stand up against her mother but each time she tries, she will end up losing the argument.

The common phrase you will hear from her is “Sorry, I can’t join you guys. My mother…” If you have a friend like that, you know that her long golden hair will not help her escape the claws of the evil witch. Ahem! I mean her mother.

Snow White (Snow White & the 7 dwarfs)

Snow white is equally distinctive for her bows on her head as Blair from Gossip Girl.  Snow White is well known for her kindness and generosity, and she is extremely well liked for that.

A typical “Snow White” doesn’t shoo the lady selling tissue when you were having your meal at the coffee shop. She gives the auntie $10 and asked her to take care of herself. People on the street asking for donations will enjoy bumping into her on the street as she generously gives without hesitation. She usually cares for the animals as you see her often feeding the neighborhood cats and petting every dog that passes her.

She may also be a registered volunteer at SPCA, and her Facebook posts are mostly about animal rights and being kind to others. Her generosity also extends to her friends, who she cares for so dearly. When you need a hug, you know who you can find.

Mulan (Mulan)

Mulan is portrayed as a tomboy. She doesn’t have the poise of a lady even though she has the potential to. She doesn’t conform to society norms and went to join the army on behalf of her father.

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If your friend doesn’t know what the meaning of un-glam photo is, she is showing signs of a Mulan. She doesn’t know the meaning of #ootd (outfit of the day) or take daily selfies but she is sure active in some sort of sports that can get really rough.  She may be the one who takes time out and volunteer to become a policewoman so that she can protect you. She may also sign on as an NSF and serve the 2 years, ranking up faster than you because she doesn’t chao keng.

Mulan can also share conversations with the boys about protein shakes and how many squats to do each day. She can play a competitive game of basketball with boys all tougher and bigger than her. You don’t have to give chance to her in a game of sport because you jolly well know that she can kick your ass.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Aurora is obviously famous for the fact that she has slept for hundreds of years. But not many people know that Aurora is very adventurous, often enjoys meeting new people and are not at all wary when speaking with a total stranger.

Wanderlust is a common word used for the Auroras out there. They can go on backpack alone and still enjoy themselves. They are people who are always in some country and every time she posts an Instagram photo, tagging the photo with a geo location outside of Singapore, you know that she is out meeting new people and having a time of her life.

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Her stories revolved around her travel adventures and she is really hard to grasp as she is always in some random country, meeting strangers. The frequent comment posted towards these Auroras is “Wah! Travel Bojio!”

Anna (Frozen)


I’m sure after the movie Frozen, the song “let it go” and “Do you want to build a snowman” has become staple songs in your daily bathroom rituals.  I will write about Elsa, but I don’t want to go into the whole discussion of how Elsa is a queen not a princess. Anna, on the other hand, is a very vibrant and goofy princess. Her impulsive nature always gets her into trouble.

An Anna always does things to make her friends laugh. She is capable of making people feel comfortable around her and removing any awkward tension in the air. However, because of her impulsive nature, she may blurt out things that can unintentionally affect people. She is a classic bimbo; the one who speaks without much thought but is a hoot to be around with.

If she knows the lyrics to the bimbo cheer, “Oh my god, I think I need a Manicure…” she could very well be an Anna.

Ariel (Little Mermaid)

The idiom “Curiosity kills the cat” resonates well with Ariel, who is always curious about things. Her curiosity about the human beings world cost her beautiful voice that was given to the witch in exchange for legs. Her rebellious nature often gets her into trouble with her father, who is rather protective of her, given that she is the youngest child.


How you know if your friend is Ariel is when she actually touches the hot pan of your pepper lunch because she “wants to feel how hot it is.” She is very in tuned with the world’s happening because she is the first to know, being constantly curious. She knows the facts about catacombs and she knows which café serves the best coffee. She goes to Zoukout and Laneway festival just for the experience. Her curiosity knows no limits, which was why she is also appointed as your unofficial newscaster.

You will be surprised at the languages she can speak. She may even speak your language more fluently than you and when she attempts that, you will know that she is using words that you Tak Tahu.

If you notice these signs, you know for sure that she is definitely part of your world.

Cinderella (Cinderella)

Cinderella is a very hardworking and down-to-earth individual. She doesn’t complain a lot and minds her own business.  Moreover, Cinderella is also known for her resourcefulness. She managed to make her own dress for the ball even though her evil stepsisters ridiculed it and tore it out of jealousy (we all hate the step sisters). But when you need something, Cinderella knows where is the best bargain with her handy mice friends and her street-smart nature.


Cinderella knows where to go for the best café food and she knows where to get the best deals. When you see her wearing a pretty blouse and asked her where she got it, “I got it at Bangkok, cheap cheap 100 baht!” When you physically go down to Bangkok for a shopping spree, you realized that you couldn’t hunt for clothes as nice as those that your Cinderella friend has. She can even convert her old pair of jeans into a handbag, and yet still be of a worthy craftsmanship.

You thank your lucky stars for having a Cinderella as your friend as she helps make your dreams come true by sustaining your finances and sharing with you tips on good bargains.


Jasmine (Aladdin)

Jasmine is a prominent Princess because of her thick ebony hair and her puffy pants, which most people termed it “Aladdin pants”. Jasmine is a strong-headed person and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is a natural leader, being able to empathize with the people of her Kingdom.


Jasmine is usually leading expenditures to Cambodia, helping those children in need. She may be an entrepreneur, setting up a non-profit organization to help improve the lives of those less fortunate. You can often see her at work in Autistic schools and taking a diplomatic approach to help these kids adapt to their environment.

Jasmine can also be the one in your clique that is always organizing the group gatherings and nailing at planning the surprise party for your fellow friend’s 21st birthday party. Things will not go wrong with Jasmine around! All you have to do is to appear at the birthday party because the presents are settled for you.

A local phrase to describe her is “Steady pom beep beep!”


Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

I’m sure that many of you know that you obviously can’t paint with all the colors of the wind but Pocahontas can. She is so in-tune with the nature that she can talk to trees and raccoons. But of course, taking to animals is not an uncommon skill a princess has. Pocahontas is so spiritual that she can feel when the land is in pain with the pollutions.

Spot the Pocahontas amongst your friend when you know that she is a nature-loving person. She will ramble about oil spills affecting the penguins and how our atmosphere is being destroyed by pollution. She is usually the more environmentally friendly person, and advocates people to pick up after they throw. Somehow or rather, she becomes this NEA (National Environmental Agency)’s ambassador, telling people not to litter.

Your Pocahontas friend probably goes around telling people not to be a litterbug, later tio fine.

Merida (Brave)


I’m sure after watching Brave; many of you attempted speaking in that throaty Irish accent. Merida has many similar characteristics with Katniss from Hunger Games, besides the fact that they both can work their way with the bow. Merida is a courageous and brave (as per the title) young lady and she gets unhappy to be forced to become prissy, just like Mulan. However, she is a lot more stubborn than Mulan because she doesn’t heed your advices at all.

This princess will always be the one drunk after a night of rendezvous in the club with you because she thinks she is capable of drinking that much liquor. You may have warned her to drink lesser because she is going to get a hangover tomorrow if she drinks that much but we all know that’s futile.

If your friend uses this hashtag #yolo (you only live once) a lot, you know that she is a Merida.

Tiana (Princess and the Frog)

I’m sure everybody knows the story of the frog prince and how you kiss the frog it turns into a prince. There is even a mandarin version of that story. Tiana is faced with the reality of kissing the frog when the prince was turned into one.


If you have a friend who ditches her dinner plans with you or your clique because she has to work OT, she will totally be a Tiana. Tiana wanted to open her own restaurant that she focused too much of her energy and time at work, neglecting her personal life.

Tiana will be the one who MIAs (Missing In Action) a lot, and always working to earn more money. She is always taking about how she needs more money and your gathering sessions are usually changed from an extravagant Ding Tai Fung to just eating at the hawker centre. She will often be late for such gathering and will be the first one to go off because she has other things to do.

Whenever this princess just MIA, you know she is probably still at work. She has no life, even If you ask her to relax, sing song play mahjong. She just can’t do it.


So if any of your friends have the above traits, tadah! You are friends with a Disney Princess. If the description describes you more, you might just be a long lost princess and don’t know it 😉