Ultimate Guide to the Cheapest Online Grocery Shopping in S’pore

Online grocery shopping in Singapore is starting to gain its foothold in many households, especially for families who do not enjoy the luxury of strolling down supermarket lanes. More online groceries businesses have appeared in the last few years – honestbee, RedMart, and Amazon Prime – just to name a few.

Even big supermarket chains like FairPrice have entered the online arena by ramping up their online grocery delivery platform. With the myriad of online grocers, what are their value propositions? Which one delivers the most cost savings to consumers? Let’s break it down for you.

1. honestbee

honestbee online delivery in Singapore
Image credit: honestbee.sg

honestbee is an online concierge and delivery service launched in Singapore in 2015. On honestbee Singapore’s site, customers can select items from over 50 stores and receive them at their doorstep without having to leave the comfort of their homes. honestbee does not stockpile products in a warehouse – their concierge shoppers hand-pick every item at the selected store near you when you place an order. This gives customers the widest choice and the freshest items.

It is good to note that honestbee charges customers the same price as the stores. For example, if you are purchasing a carton of Meiji milk from FairPrice via honestbee, you will be paying the same price if you were to purchase the milk directly from FairPrice.

2. RedMart

Redmart online groceries delivery in Singapore
Image credit: redmart.com

RedMart is an online supermarket founded in Singapore in 2011 with the mission to save customers’ time and money on grocery shopping. They offer a wide selection of quality fresh food, household essentials and general merchandise with the convenience of home delivery.

Savings on RedMart comes about if you buy in bulk as they adopt a bundle pricing system. For instance, if you were to compare the “Kleenex Clean Care Toilet Tissue 10 X 200S” on RedMart and FairPrice online, you’d notice that if you purchase one of that item, FairPrice online charges a lower price. But because RedMart has a bundle price of $18.95 for 3, the average price for one item is cheaper than FairPrice online.

3. Amazon Prime Now

Prime Now Singapore for online groceries
Image credit: www.amazon.com/SG/
Amazon’s online grocery service, Prime Now, has launched in Singapore in 2017. It aims at providing ultra-fast delivery with one or two-hour delivery windows in the same or next day. The customer can choose from tens of thousands of products including groceries, home essentials, baby and beauty products and even electronics.
Unlike other online grocers, Prime Now is currently only available via a mobile app which can be downloaded from both the Google Play and App Stores. For the initial roll-out period, customers are able to try the Prime Now service without the need to own a Prime membership. At this time, there is no confirmed information on how much the Prime membership would cost customers after the roll-out phase.
Comparisons of several products show that Prime Now’s offerings are sold at the same price points as other grocers such as FairPrice online.

4. FairPrice Online

NTUC Fairprice online groceries delivery
Image credit: www.fairprice.com.sg

FairPrice Online is a virtual supermarket that allows customers to shop from the comfort of their homes anytime and have groceries delivered to their doorstep. FairPrice, apart from the physical stores, owns a fresh food distribution centre and a centralised warehousing and distribution company. FairPrice members continue to enjoy the same in-store rebates when they make purchases online.

It is useful to note that FairPrice’s in-store prices and online prices are the same unless there are exclusive promotions that are only available in FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra and/or FairPrice Online. At times, there may also be specific in-store promotions where the price card will read ‘This store only’.


Delivery charges at a glance


Cheapest items – RedMart

Comparing all the abovementioned online grocers, RedMart emerges as the online grocer with the cheapest items because of its bundle pricing system. Even though an item is priced the same on RedMart as on other online grocers, they offer discounts if customers purchase in bulk – hence the price savings! As such, RedMart is the way to go if you are intending to make a bulk purchase.

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Cheapest delivery – honestbee

Amongst the four, honestbee comes through as the online grocer with the cheapest delivery cost. You may argue that the next best delivery cost (by Amazon Prime and RedMart) is only $1 more, but this $1 can add up to quite a sum if you do your online grocery shopping regularly.

Cheapest minimum spending – Amazon Prime, RedMart

Amazon Prime and RedMart both hold the title of having the lowest minimum spending amount required for customers to qualify for free delivery. That means you won’t have to make big purchases each time and can make small yet frequent purchases – hello convenience!

Cheapest overall* – RedMart!

Looking at the three factors above, RedMart emerges as the overall cheapest online grocer to shop at! RedMart delivers every day, including weekends and public holidays, from 10 am to 10pm. Moreover, they are so committed to providing their customers with the lowest prices that in the event you find a lower regular selling price for an identical product at another store, they are willing to pay you two times the difference in price!

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