Ultimate Guide to the Best-est Flea Markets in S’pore (& Introducing Artbox!)

The conventional Singapore flea market used to just offer pre-loved and bargain goods, but the ones popping up these days tend to be more upscale and artisanal. Most flea markets now have a specific aim in mind: to promote homegrown brands and offer shoppers one-of-a-kind products. Some flea markets take this one step further and offer live performances by local bands as well as movie screenings. Flea markets are no longer just a place to find cheap clothes and used bags, find out what they have to offer by heading down to one this weekend!

Boutique Fairs

FleaWhere | Artbox Singapore

Artbox Singapore

Artbox Singapore Set Up

Image Credit | facebook.com/fleawhere

Fleawhere is Singapore’s most frequent and largest flea organiser and they have flea markets up almost daily. Most famous and highly anticipated of those is the hyped up Artbox Singapore where the popular Bangkok Night Market experience will be brought over to our shores. It will be a familiar experience if you’ve been to Bangkok, and if you’re not, then prepare for a bonanza of amazing street food, drinks, and fashion goods all going at quite a bargain! So if you’re looking to discover new delicious treats or up your OOTD game, head down to Artbox Singapore at the Bayfront Event Space and soak in the night market experience!

Even if you’re flying off this coming long weekend, fret not because Artbox Singapore happens over two weekends, on the 14 – 16 of April and 21 – 23 April from 3pm to 10pm, and best of all, entrance is free for all. More details on the events are provided here!
Rainbow puddingTiosmoke Liquid Nitrogen Snack Image Credit | facebook.com/fleawhere

With over 300 food (128 food stalls!) and fashion stores, you can be guaranteed a complete night market experience without having to leave the country.Follow them closely on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up with this lively, regular flea market organiser. Check out their website on all the details on how to sign up as a vendor as well!

The Local People


The Local People Flea Market
Image Credit | facebook.com/TheLocalPeopleSG

The Local People is dedicated to featuring budding local designers and artists, establishing itself as a platform for young brands to enter the market. Each bazaar adheres to a different theme and comes with all the works: live music, movie screenings, and art installations.

The Local People Flea Market Live Performances

woman playing 90s gameImage Credit | facebook.com/TheLocalPeopleSG

marshmallows at TLP eventImage Credit | instagram.com/cherryhai/

Flea markets organised by The Local People are one of the most popular in Singapore. With their fleas held at the historic Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and the Aliwal Arts Centre, they attract large throngs of crowds with great retail offerings, food, drinks, arts and musical performances. This time they’ve got their sights aimed at Changi Airport with a mission to change the way locals view airports. This flea event will prove to be an awesome display of everything independently-made.

To get updates on their upcoming flea markets, you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Boutique Fairs Singapore

SPRING EDITION Boutique Fairs Singapore

Boutiques Fairs – a twice-yearly event – are curated fairs (think: atas flea markets) that feature an estimated 150 boutique spaces, showcasing Singapore-based independent designers and collections. Whether you want to show your support for local independent companies, redecorate your home or land some unique accessories, the Boutique Fair is the place for you.

And shopping isn’t the only thing you can do at one of their fairs! The fairs also have spaces for you to just sit and catch up with friends over some champagne, wine or coffee.

SPRING EDITION Boutique Fairs Singapore

The Boutique Fairs Singapore prides itself on being dedicated to socially responsible practices. They support eight local and regional charity organisations, including the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) and Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support. Shopping here is definitely not a waste of time, money and effort!

Bisous La Recycled Paper and elephant conservation


Copenhagen Delights Kids Collection 100% Natural materialImage Credit | facebook.com/BoutiquesSingapore/

This socially-conscious flea also feature vendors who are very environmentally-conscious and make use of natural materials for truly unique and artisanal products. With its last fair just concluded in mid-March, the best way to get updates is to follow them on Facebook or Instagram and check out their website so that you don’t miss out on any one of their flea markets ever again!

Public Garden

Public Garden Flea Market

Public Garden Flea MarketImage Credit | facebook.com/publicgarden

The Public Garden flea markets showcase products supplied by independent companies and creative individuals. Most of the goods sold here are original designs, unique and brimming with local culture. If your house is starting to look like an Ikea showroom and you want to inject some local flavour, this is the place to shop.


Public Garden is actually first and foremost a community of creative minds, hosting regular workshops and allowing artisans to pass on their skills. It should come at no surprise then, that the products offered for sale at their flea markets are of the highest quality and exhibit excellent craftsmanship.

Public Garden Flea MarketImage Credit | facebook.com/publicgarden

The Public Garden Consumer Trade Show, started in 2011, is one of Public Garden’s most impressive flea markets that you must visit. 2017’s Public Garden Consumer Trade Show will definitely prove to be one of the best fleas that they will ever have, as it is the largest they will ever hold! Get updates on the upcoming and subsequent Public Garden flea markets when you follow them on Facebook or Instagram and check out their website.

The Farmers Market @ Loewen Gardens

The Farmers Market @ Loewen Gardens

If your idea of a good time involves eating, food, and eating again, the Farmers Market is the one for you. Held every one Saturday a month, you can find all kinds of delicious food for sale here from gourmet meat to organic vegetables, rare cheeses to wine that would make a connoisseur weep with joy.


There are also some stores offering ready-to-eat fares, fusion food and upscale pastry products. The Farmers Market is touted to be a foodie’s paradise, and we certainly believe your taste buds will thank you for heading down!

The Farmers Market @ Loewen Gardens

The Farmers Market @ Loewen Gardens

The Farmers Market is held once a month on a Saturday. On special occasions, they have a themed market with fun activities planned. Recently in March 2016, they held an Easter themed market and planned an Easter Egg Hunt!

White Carrots

Easter Egg HuntImage Credit | facebook.com/Farmers-Markets-at-Loewen-Gardens-614713621878542/

It attracted many customers who brought their kids down for this fun activity. So if your tummies are already rumbling, then don’t forget to follow them on Facebook to get more delicious updates and to have some fun at their themed markets!

Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD)

Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD) Red Dot Design Museum


Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD) Red Dot Design MuseumImage Credit | museum.red-dot.sg/maad/

At the Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD), some of Singapore’s budding artists, designers, crafters, artisans, creators and local brand owners gather to feature their goods. It was initiated by the Red Dot Design Museum in 2006 and serves as a creative platform for enterprising creatives to showcase their works and talents.

Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD) Red Dot Design Museum

Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD) Red Dot Design MuseumImage Credit | museum.red-dot.sg/maad/

There are live performances by local artistes and so check out the MAAD and support these budding artists, designers, crafters, artisans, creators and local brand owners.

One of their more memorable fleas took place in October 2015 when they featured 5 famous local musicians, including Flame Of The Forest, in 5 live acts.  If you have yet to check out this unusual flea that’s buzzing with activity and overflowing with talent, no worries. You can just wait patiently till this periodic creative flea market comes to to life again! Mad for MAAD? Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook or check out their website to find out when their flea markets will be up and running again at the Red Dot Design Museum!

Rilek Jack

Rilek Jack Flea Market

Rilek Jack Flea MarketImage Credit| instagram.com/rilekjackmarket

Rilek Jack is one unique flea market that boasts an intimate, family-friendly environment. Offering community retail and music entertainment by local businesses and musicians, the Rilek Jack flea market is the place to chill out and wind down for the day. You will find fashion apparel, original handcrafted accessories and a massive gathering of talents right in our own backyard.

Rilek Jack Flea MarketImage Credit| instagram.com/rilekjackmarket

Rilek Jack always has an amazing card under their sleeves and are always prepared to bring you unique and exhilarating flea markets every time! The Rilek Jack booths at the 2016 Singapore Comedy Fringe event at SOTA in April brought much laughter and joy to all of its visitors from the start. You definitely don’t want to miss out on any Rilek Jack flea markets because it’s really authentic and one-of-a-kind! To ensure that you won’t miss out on any Rilek Jack flea market updates, follow them on Facebook or Instagram and check out their website.


Image Credit | facebook.com/laloolalang

LalooLalang is one quirky name and it is a Singapore-based online shopping hub that’s managed by TV personality, Huda Ali. LalooLalang promotes unique fashion, event and entertainment services. There are various food vendors at the bazaars, so you can definitely look forward to satisfying your tummies while you shop!

Laloolalang Flea Market
Image Credit | facebook.com/laloolalang

Since its maiden bazaar in 2015, they have received massive support from the community with extensive marketing promotions and media coverage. It has particularly attracted many Malay customers with its extensive, lovely array of batik, baju kurungs and other traditional Malay costumes!

LalooLalang Flea Market AliwalImage Credit | facebook.com/laloolalang

One of LalooLalang’s best bazaars is definitely their 2015 Raya Edition bazaar at East Coast. It was the first time they had such a bazaar but even so, it was still very well received and many loved it. 2017 will see an increase in the number of stall vendors for this special bazaar because they know that you can’t just get enough out of it! To avoid missing out on the next LalooLalang flea market, get updates when you follow them on Facebook or Instagram and check out their website.

Retro Factory

Retro Factory Kombi Van

Image Credit | facebook.com/retrofactorysg

Founded by Gary Tan as a way to bring together lovers of all things retro and vintage, Retro Factory is a monthly affair (well, Gary hopes for it to be, so do come down and support!) of music, food, culture and of course vintage goods. This flea market is also perfect if you’re a fan of vinyl!

Retro Factory DJ Set

Image Credit | facebook.com/retrofactorysg

Retro Factory continues to impress with its monthly editions only set to grow bigger and bigger. Set in a carnival-like atmosphere, Retro Factory has something for everyone, young and old, vintage-lover or otherwise.

Bustling Retro Factory

Image Credit | facebook.com/retrofactorysg

Judging by the previous markets held at Katong Square, you can come to expect a lively carnival experience with cultural and artistic performances, a fine curation of both resident and casual booths, and also great bites to go along with the atmosphere. So if you’re looking to get your hands on a piece of history, do subscribe to their Facebook so you don’t miss out on any upcoming Retro Factory flea markets!

[BONUS] Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM)

With that really obvious emphasis in its name, you definitely guessed it right – everything at the Singapore Really Really Free Market is LITERALLY free all the time. At the SRRFM, the community of the Really Really Free Market gathers to share everything for free! Held at very accessible heartland neighbourhoods across Singapore, it ranges from free clothes and books to even free spiritual healing and massages! The SRRFM is certainly the place where “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and it even helps out the less fortunate community.

Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM)Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM)

Image Credit | facebook.com/srrfm

Photobook 'Asakusa Portraits' By Hiroh Kikai, published by Steidl/ICP

People browsing at book exhibitionImage Credit | facebook.com/lee.g.lay?fref=photo

The 41st SRRFM flea held at DECK in April 2016 was awesome with the 1001 BOOKS OF STEIDL exhibition! You’ll definitely see how different of an experience sharing without any economic concerns can be, so do follow them on Facebook for more updates on their next event!

So, here are some of the top flea markets you have to visit in Singapore! Flea markets are no longer just a place for people to sell their old stuff or a place for you to rummage through a pile of dated clothes in the hopes of stumbling across a gem. They’re now more about promoting local culture, supporting local independent companies, and having fun while doing so!

Since you’re here, why not check out Goody Feed’s YouTube videos as well? They’re so Singaporean, I bet you’ll like them!

Featured Image: facebook.com/laloolalang

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