Ultimate Useful Guide To The Cheapest Movie Tickets & Deals In S’pore for 2019

Once upon a time, we, or at least our parents, used to rent movies from brick and mortar stores. Then came an army of streaming sites where we were given the liberty to watch our favourite shows on demand from the comfort of our homes.

Goodbye Blockbuster.

That said, the entire experience of going to a cinema and watching a movie from a big screen, for better effects and an amplified surround sound is largely unparalleled.

As the savvy movie goers that we all are, or at least aspire to be, the two questions that we all have in the back of our minds is “Where can I find the cheapest movie tickets?” or “Are there any discounts on certain cards?”.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the honours by providing you with the ultimate guide to the movie ticket prices across the different cineplexes, which cineplex offers the cheapest movie tickets and additional perks such as discounts and deals that come with it!

Do note that the ticket prices listed below are for 2D movies only and do not include 3D movies, iMAX movies or anything else.

TLDR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): Where Can I Find The Cheapest Movie Tickets (Weekdays / Weekends)

Ok, let’s get straight to the point.

Movie Ticket Prices In Singapore 2019

Below is an overview of the ticket prices across the 7 cinemas in Singapore, including The Projector which screens indie and foreign films:

Movie Ticket Prices In Singapore 2019: Student Comparison

Below is an overview of the ticket prices for students across the 7 cinemas in Singapore:

The best out of the lot is obviously Cathay’s Parkway outlet at $5 for a movie ticket. That is if you’re willing to travel all the way to the East.

If not, Shaw and Eaglewings Cinematics has pretty good prices for students at $6.50 as well.Unfortunately, Eaglewings has only one location at KAP (King Albert Park) Mall, which might prove quite a hassle to some as well.

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Movie Ticket Prices In Singapore 2019: Senior Citizens Comparison

Not surprising that Shaw offers the cheapest movie tickets at $4 for senior citizens. 

GV Ongoing Movie Ticket Prices & Promotions 2019

(Source: Golden Village)


GV movie tickets cost $9 on weekdays with an additional $0.50 for new releases and $13.50 on weekends. With 13 outlets across the island, GV is the largest cinema operator in Singapore.

The biggest drawback is that GV also pales in comparison to the other cinema operators in terms of the promotions that they offer.

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That said, the GV Movie Club proves to have the best memberships amongst the other cineplexes. Anyone can sign up with GV Movie Club for free and enjoy $7 tickets on Mondays and $6.50 tickets on Tuesdays.


For the fitness junkies out there, the AIA Vitality promotion gives you tickets at $6 on weekdays (even cheaper than student ticket prices). There are considered quite a steal as long as you accumulate enough points by working out to proceed to the next level.

Cathay Ongoing Movie Ticket Prices & Promotions 2019

(Source: Cathay Cineplexes)

Compared to GV, Cathay does not charge you an extra $0.50 for new movie releases or sneak peaks. Their weekday ticket prices are $9 regardless of how recent the film is and weekend movie tickets cost $13.

As the second largest cineplex after GV, Cathay’s movie ticket promotions don’t seem too attractive either.

Looking at the above, HomeTeamNS has the best promotion at $6.50 for weekend movie tickets, which is the cheapest across all other cineplexes.


The good news is that if you don’t fulfill any of the above memberships, the promotion of $15 for 2 weekday movie tickets and $22 for 2 weekend movie tickets is pretty good. However, like all good things, this offer is only valid till 28 Feb 2019.

Shaw Ongoing Movie Ticket Prices & Promotions 2019

(Source: First Stop Singapore)

In the case of Shaw, they’re all about providing movie goers with some of the best deals and the cheapest ticket prices. Tickets at Shaw cost $8.50 ($9.50 for new releases) on weekdays and $12.50 on weekends.

You’ll be happy to note that Shaw has the most number of deals compared to the rest of the cineplexes.

With twice the number of perks compared to GV and Shaw, Shaw stands out as the cheaper cinema alternative.


The 1-for-1 UnionPay is the most attractive since you will only be paying $4.25 for a movie ticket regardless of which day of the week it is. However, this promotion is only valid for the first 850 tickets per month.

It’s also understandable that many of us do not carry UnionPay or Maybank cards. Another important thing to note about the NTUC deal is that that $9 movie voucher can only be purchased at NTUC Members’ Hub at One Marina Boulevard. This can be pretty inconvenient for most of us.

Hence, the next most viable alternative is to opt for the SAFRA discount. If you don’t have a SAFRA card, you can always ask a friend who has one along!

WE Cinema Ongoing Movie Ticket Prices & Promotions 2019

For the uninitiated, WE Cinema used to be known as Eng Wah till it rebranded itself in 2011. Sadly, there is only one WE Cinema across the island and it’s located at Clementi. A moment of silence for those of us who are not Westies.

When it comes to ticket prices, WE Cinema is largely on par with Shaw, if not better. It’s a flat $8.50 for weekday tickets irrespective of how new the film is and $12.50 for weekend tickets. Guess only the West siders get to rejoice, unless you’re willing to take a journey to the west.


With the above $1 discounts, you’ll be able to get your tickets at $7.50 on weekdays and $11.50 on weekends. 

Filmgarde Ongoing Movie Ticket Prices & Promotions 2019

(Source: Alvinology.com)

With 3 outlets across the island (Bugis+, Leisure Park Kallang and Century Square), movie ticket prices for Filmgarde cost $8.50 from Mondays to Wednesdays$9 on Thursdays and $9.50 for new releases.Weekend movie tickets are a flat $13.

Sadly, Filmgarde doesn’t have any tie ups with cards or movie promotions going on. The only deal they’re currently offering is the 2’s Value Deal (inclusive of 2 movie tickets, 1 regular popcorn, a pack of chips, 1 regular drink and 1 bottled water) for $28 on weekdays and $37 on weekends. 

Not too attractive, compared to the rest of its competitors.

However, if there’s a saving grace for Filmgarde, it’s that they screen certain movies ahead of their premiere in other cinemas. They also have more screen timing options for older movies (more than a month old).

The Projector Ongoing Movie Ticket Prices & Promotions 2019

(Source: Foxesden)

For those who love non mainstream films (foreign, indie, arthouse, etc.), The Projector is probably where you’ll find yourself going to. Unsurprisingly, ticket prices are the most expensive here as compared to the other cineplexes. Their prices are a flat $13.50 throughout the week.

Just like Filmgarde, The Projector doesn’t have any tie up with cards or movie promotions going on. The only discounts they offer is their 10 Pack Gift Card for $105 , which means you’ll be paying $10.50 per ticket, saving $3.

Eaglewings Cinematics Ongoing Movie Ticket Prices & Promotions 2019

(Source: Eaglewings Cinematics)

New kid on the block Eaglewings Cinematics’ tickets are $9.50 on weekdays and $12.50 on weekends. Unfortunately, they do not offer any incentives and bundle deals or promotions for movie goers #sad.

However, if it’s any concession, Eaglewings Cinematics boasts an artisitic interior and offers cinema goers with a different movie experience.

As we’ve rounded up all the various deals and promotions across all the cinemas in Singapore, all you have to do now is to sit back, stuff yourself with popcorn and enjoy the movie!

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