How we used to dress in the 1990s


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

Long combs for men. Large oversized T-shirts for women. Loose uniform for boys. Skirt that nearly touches the boobs for girls. If this sounds familiar to you, then you must be born in the 1980s and lived your teenage years in the 1990s, when fashion is determined by a walk on Orchard Road and not by Korean variety shows. Do you still remember these?

Long hair
Because of them. They’re called F4, and they’re not a key on your keyboard.

Sharp Comb
Because we have long hair, we need a long, sharp comb. It must be the colour of our skin so that we won’t comb our skin with it. Wait, what the heck am I talking about

Tight No Fear T-shirt
There was no Gap, no Uniqo and no H&M. So our T-shirts were bought from the neighbhourhood shop at $9.90 per piece. And it must be bloody tight, regardless of whether you have a big tummy or not.

Chains to wallets
Because our hands used to be very slippery, so we often drop our wallet once we take it out. Those chains ensure that we won’t lose our wallets.

3310, 8310 and 8210 with buzzer and “running” lights
Right Here Waiting and Only Love. Only 1990s people will know how these songs correlate with our handphones. When I said handphones, I meant handphones.


Bell Bottoms
I’m telling you, they’re freaking comfortable compared to the skinny jeans we have to wear now. And when it’s longer, it serves as a mop, too.

Velcro Books Strap
Why carry a bag when you can just strap all books together? Hmm… this question belongs to the 1990s. Now, we ask this: why carry books when you can have a tablet?


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