Useful ang bao rate card for newlyweds or kids who like to open ang bao in front of adults

The ang bao rate cards for Chinese wedding is everywhere; even if you don’t know what the rate is currently and you have no Internet connection, all you need to do is to ask a few friends and you’ll have it.

But how about Chinese New Year? How do you know how much you should put in the ang bao? After all, unlike Chinese wedding whereby you can keep how much you give anonymously (by not writing your name), it is near impossible to do so with CNY. Some rude kids might even open the ang bao in front of you and cry when it is below the market rate.

If you’re a newlywed, or you’ve always wondered whether you’ve given the correct amount, or maybe you just want to tell others how much they should give you, this rate card by AIA posted since 2013 should help. With it being two years old, you might have to add two dollars to each estimate. If you’re a Malaysia, just treat it as ringgits (though you might have to increase every figure by 30% if you work in Singapore or KL).

But remember: it’s just a guide. It’s always the thought that counts.

ang pao rate card

Source: AIA Facebook (

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