Useful tips for girls with acne prone skin when choosing makeup products

Thanks to all of the beauty enhancer products! Now everyone can dream of having a flawless skin. Even if you have acne prone skin, you need not to limit your beauty kits. Instead, take time to choose the right products that don’t end up with breakouts!

Acne prone skin = sensitive skin
Put in mind that this formula works well when searching for a makeup product. As acne prone skin is usually sensitive, look for formulas with fragrance free ingredient. Come on! You have your white musk perfume. Eliminating a fragrance in your make up product lists won’t be such a pain.

Oil free make up base is another key to achieve a clear natural look. These type of products are formulated especially for oily face that tends to have acnes. The texture makes your skin feel pearly soft and once you apply on your face, it feels as if you are using a powder base foundation. Moreover, oil-free makeup is light enough to allow your skin to breathe.

anceprone1Non-comedogenic formula can save yourself from seeing your dermatologist too often. Non-comedogenic product has a certified formula that doesn’t clog pores. Your moisturizer should consist of either oil-free or non-comedogenic lotion that won’t make your skin greasy.

There are too many temptations not to try beauty products available in stores. But if you don’t want your acnes get worse, don’t even think to try blushes in cream, foundation cake, creamy concealer, or any other type of ingredients that are solid. Most of all, do not choose make up products that contain polyethylene or ethylhexyl palmitate. These are not acne-friendly product and more likely to cause breakout.

anceprone2Look for beauty products with liquid formula – something with ‘aqua’ label is a soothing agent for your acne prone skin. However, most of the liquid formula doesn’t give a full coverage for your skin. Thus, if you insist on covering your entire face, you can combine concealer with medium coverage foundation that isn’t heavy. You will also get a natural looking result that is not cakey.

Liquid blusher or cream bronzer can make the skin look matte, but for sensitive skins like acne prone, this is not the best choice to go with.

anceprone3When opting for bronzer or blusher, look for the powdered formula. This option allows your skin to ‘breathe’. Choosing liquid based blusher may not be a good idea because the acne prone skin tends to have uneven skin texture – which likely, you won’t get a flawless result. Moreover, it can enlarge the pores as you try to brush it harder.

Things to note before applying make up to acne prone skin
-Always starts with a dry and clean face.
-Apply your medication ritual and let the skin absorb for at least 15 minutes.
-Hydrate the skin with moisturizer
-Apply sun screen
-Put on your make up starting with the primer
-Trust in the name of minimalist. The less ingredients, the better it is.

Do you have acne prone skin? What are the makeup products you use?

Source: allwomenstalk, reveal, aelida



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