This video relates what every guy in NS feels—too real, too eerily REAL. TOO GOOD.


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:56 pm

There are so many YouTube videos about NS, but this one takes the cake.

Starting with a funny and relatable song of how people felt when they were in NS (it’s just too real…), it’s common for people to blame the army for all the losses they’ve incurred.

But the video ends with a meaningful message about these losses—something that teaches us about morals, sacrifices and most importantly, the reason why we wear green.

You might not agree, but you’ve got to agree that the only reason why you can sleep soundly every night is because someone out there is training, be it in the SAF, SPF or SCDF.

These are the words that tell everyone in the office that we should all thank those NSmen for going back to camp to defend Singapore.

“I would not lose all those things if I didn’t have to do national service. But as the days drew on, I began to realize that if the army is gone, I might lose something even greater. Something greater than everything that I just said put together.  I might lose…my home.”


“In the past, I could enjoy the peace and sovereignty of our home because thousands had defended it for us. Now, it is my turn.”

From the same talented instructor who created the BMT song, this BMT sergeant could well be one of the most talented instructors there. We really wonder how Recruits’ Night for his recruits would be like.

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