WAH, Bus Driver Also Can Mount Kerb? Immediate Failure?

It is perfectly normal for people who haven’t gotten their driving licenses to mount the kerb during their practice. The worse that will happen is likely getting an immediate failure (IF) on your test, right? But what happens when an experienced bus driver mounts the kerb? Will he get an IF or an immediate dismissal from his job?

This SBS bus number 157 was seen mounting the kerb on 11 July and it was all recorded down on video by another driver. The video was promptly uploaded onto Youtube on the same day after the incident by the Singapore Reckless Drivers (SRD) Community. In the video, the bus driver was seen to be driving on a straight road and was supposed to turn right into a fork but instead, continued straight, mounted the kerb and knocked down the sign before it.

Many netizens say that the bus driver was dozing off while driving – something extremely dangerous and could possibly cost the lives of the passengers and the driver on board. The bus could very well tip over and crash into the cars next to it on the road.

If you are taking bus 157 from Boon Lay, perhaps you might want to take another bus to your destination for the time being instead.

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