What happens if you take pictures of the dead: An extremely scary experience

Were you ever told that it is not respectful to take a photo of the deceased? Especially if they have got nothing to do with you and all your want is just to showcase your lucky/unlucky sighting of a dead body.

It’s really not going to be nice and you were warned. We were told by an ex-police officer about seriousness of this issue. This was what he said:

This was what he said:
Few years ago, my colleague and I were patrolling around our usual Redhill area late at night, where we spotted a stray dog circling around a corner at the park. Feeling curious, we headed over to take a look and tried to appease the dog which was furiously barking at the tree.

As a policeman, our responsibility also includes ensuring a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood for the residence at night. Of course, after numerous tricks that usually worked on stray animals, we decided that something was wrong about the spot that resulted in its furious barking. There must be something wrong, or else the dog would not have ignored our company.

Hence, we started digging the soil near the tree with the fallen branches and guess what we saw!!!!! A decomposed face of a dead body. Having seen many dead bodies already, we were supposed to be brave about it. But this one was really gore and the sight of the body totally make us nauseous.

Immediately, we reported to the Headquarter for further assistance of the necessary departments. We were also supposed to guard the spot and prevent any further disturbance of the potential evidences. But there was one thing that we were also supposed to do for record keeping: taking a photo of the body.

The spooky thing was: we couldn’t get out cameras working. Not even one of us could successfully take a picture of the body with our phones and the iPhone camera would automatically crash or end up with a freeze screen despite our numerous attempts. It wasn’t until our supervisor came that we manage to successfully capture an image of the gore scene.

No, it is not cool. My supervisor mumbled something in mandarin along the lines of: sorry for disturbing but we are going to help you find the murderer and we are just trying to do our job.

We all found it surprising that the moment he said that, our cameras started working as normal. And so, we completed our job on the scene. But it didn’t stop there. Apparently, for the next few nights, I felt really uneasy about the having the images in my phone.

I tried to delete it off my gallery but it didn’t work – because the case was still unsolved. It was spooky but somehow I knew why. Maybe it was a sign to push us to solve the case asap, but it wasn’t our call for investigation works.

A week passed, and the images still remained in my phone despite my numerous attempts to delete it away – it just keeps coming back. The situation aggravated when I started feeling tired easily due to poor quality of sleep. I couldn’t sleep well at night and always felt that my body were aching in the day. It was so bad till I had to take sleeping pills.

And of course, the case remained unsolved. 2 months later they found the murderer and it was till then when my situation improved. I went to the temple where they did a ritual on me to cleanse my spirit and my surrounding.

I have also changed a new phone and kept the old one as a spare in the event of similar situation in the future. That was hella scary experience.

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