What this SAF Colonel has done is an example of good leadership

With many NSFs thinking that NS is a waste of time and that they would rather be doing something else, here’s one story sent in by a reader that might just show you that in NS, there’re apparently things that you unknowingly learn.

A 3SGT in a camp, this reader, Paul (not sure whether it’s his name as it’s in his email), was once doing his guard duty as a guard commander. In the morning, as there was supposed to be some event, the MP in the camp has sent one RP to guide and assist the cars outside the camp for some reason that he couldn’t remember.

There was always a colonel, a thirty-plus to forty-plus guy, who drove in in the morning and chat with the guards. Usually, he would just ask how breakfast is or whether yesterday’s lunch was okay.

A colonel well-liked by many, he drove in as usual that day, and Paul went forward to salute him. He lowered his window as usual and asked Paul whether he had drunk enough water. Paul said yes, and after that, he drove in.

A few minutes later, his car came back and exited the camp. Paul opened the gates for him, wondering why he had just come in for a few minutes. And within the next few minutes, the colonel came back. Paul did not think much. The colonel then stopped his car and chatted with Paul, about the hot weather and even joked something about the weather.

Okay, fine, it’s just a casual conversation, until later that morning, the RP came back from his duty outside. He told everyone in the guardhouse that the colonel had first asked him what he was doing outside.

After the RP told him, the colonel asked, “It’s hot here. You don’t have a water bottle?” The RP then said he wasn’t thirsty. “But you might be,” the colonel said, “I’ll get someone from the guardhouse to bring water to you.”

“Oh, no, don’t need, they’re busy because of the event,” the RP said. “Sir, it’s really okay.”

“Okay, take care!” the colonel said and then drove into the camp.

No one would have expected that he had gone into the camp to buy two bottles of water and drove out just to pass the bottles to the RP.

And what’s even more interesting is that the colonel is not part of the unit. If there’s a case study for leadership, this is it.

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