What you look at first in Facebook reveals about your personality


Assume you have Facebook account (if you do not have one), When you log in and found that you are having 10 alerts each (all at once) at

facebook_test_titleA) Friend Requests          B) Messages          C) Notifications

Which one you would check first? Your first choice here is the assessment of your personality type.

facebook_02A) Friend Requests
Curious to meet new people and moving on. You get bored soon with routine things and want to explore world new. So you are an Enthusiastic person.

facebook_04B) Messages
You keep talking with friends, give importance to listening to them and make the place so lively. Some times you argue also. So you value people more.

facebook_06C) Notifications
You are a observing type, cares more of what others think and what they are doing now. So are an Eager person who always keep watching what happens around you.

Source: propelsteps


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