What your birthday month says about you

Ever wondered what the month you are born in says about you and your personality?

Fret not, we are here to tell you! From January to December, we have covered it all, so you don’t have to worry about your month being missed out. So, here we go! (This is just for you to feel good about yourself; don’t take it so seriously)

People born in January loves to teach things, as well as learn new things at the same time. They are ambitious people who are diligent and productive in whatever they do as long as they like it.

They often think about life and dreams. Yet, their most recognisable trait is that these people are very smart and are the sexiest among all the other months in terms of physical appearances.

People born in February are honest and loyal people who love freedom, entertainment and leisure. These people wear their hearts on their sleeves and are very sensitive, yet humble. Their most recognisable trait is that they prefer to be more romantic on the inside and often express their love through actions instead of words.

People born in March are secretive and moody, as well as have a love for constant dreaming and fantasising. They are appreciative people that believe in returning kindness with kindness. They also like to bottle up their feelings, including their feelings when they crush on someone. Their most recognisable trait is that they have great fashion and looks good in all outfits.

People born in April are the combination of both brains and brawn. Extremely optimistic and motivational, they love cheering people up and see them laugh. They are able to work well with others and their most recognisable trait would be the fact that they are dynamic and decisive in whatever they do.

People born in May are firm and systematic. Such people love to travel and know how to appreciate art and literature. These people also like to make friends and love, but are very affectionate. Their most recognisable trait would be that they are quite diplomatic and their hot looks.

People born in June are a mysterious bunch. They have an air of secrecy around them and are moody, yet affable as long as you don’t piss them off. These people are guiders and objective in everything they do. Their most recognisable trait is their ability to forgive but never forget.

People born in July are fun-loving and takes pride in themselves. They are homely people who are constantly concerned about others and definitely make good and reliable friends. Their most recognisable trait is that they are great flirts and will most likely end up with a hottie.

People born in August have good self-control and are risk-takers. They are music lovers and have big imaginations. These people can make friends with everyone and possess good leadership qualities. They can think quickly and are talented in arts and music. Their most recognisable trait is that they have a certain aura or attitude that draws people to them.

People born in September are suave and fearless. They are the calm and collected types who won’t flinch during emergencies and are those that do not pretend in front of people. They always show their true self, which makes them a valuable friend. Their most recognisable trait is their fearlessness and bravery.

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People born in October are sexy and chatty. They value their friends highly and know how to have fun. They basically stand out from the crowd and are the most unique of them all. Their most recognisable traits are their awesome personality and independent attitude. They also make great lovers so if you get hold of one, do not let them go!

People born in November are always brimming with ideas. Unique and brilliant, these people are very sharp and creative. They are easily consoled and understanding. Although shy towards the opposite gender, when they warm up, they make wonderful boyfriends or girlfriends. Their most recognisable trait is their ability to come up with mind-blowing ideas.

People born in December are loyal and generous, as well as patriotic. These people are always active and love sports. They love to be praised and are very fun to be with. Such people tend to be soft-spoken but are no pushovers. Their most recognisable traits are their strong mentality and far vision in life.

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