What your Chinese Surname actually means

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It is a common fact that the majority of Singapore’s population is made up of Chinese and as such, Chinese names and surnames are very common. So, for the Chinese, most should know what their own Chinese names mean what about their surnames? Here’s the thing. Not everyone know what their Chinese surnames mean (if you know, good for you). To clear things up, here is a list of the Chinese surnames and what they mean.

1) 陳 (Chen or Chan)
This surname originated from a province in Henan, China and it is derived from the surname of the descendants of the legendary sage king Emperor Shun and the people of the state Chen, which was conquered by Chu in 479 BC.

2) 曹 (Cao)
When translated, this name means Man of Caesarean Birth.

3) 許 (Xu)
This name means Man who refused to serve the King.

4) 王 (Wang)
This should be pretty obvious. When translated, it means King; Emperor, or the Royal Family in Ancient China.

5) 洪 (Hong/Ang)
When translated, this name means Gods of Water. So, to all Hongs out there, you are the Gods of all Water. Water bending engaged!

6) 劉(Liu/Lau)
When translated, it means the Dragon Keepers. Sounds like some game character in an RPG game.

7) 潘 (Pan/Poon)
This means the King’s Teacher when translated.

8) 張 (Zhang)
When translated, this means the “Bow Inventor”

9) 梁 (Liang)
It refers to the Conquerors of the West. Anyone staying in the West and surnamed Liang. Crongats. You are the Conqueror of the West!

10) 高 (Gao)
It refers to the Duke Helpers when translated.

11) 馬 (Ma)
It means the Tax Officals. Seems like those with Ma as their surnames are destined to work in IRAS.

12) 趙 (Zhao)
Means the Loyal Chaffeur. Okay…. …

13) 徐 (Xu)
Means the Man of Lucky Omen. Well, seems like these people are naturally lucky, so stick to them and you can glean some luck as well.

14) 康 (Kang/Hong)
Means the Great Governor. Seems like they will shine in politics.

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15) 郭(Guo)
Means People loved by the Dukes.

16) 周 (Zhou)
Means the Fighting Farmers. Hell Yeah! They can farm and they can fight!