What your favourite coffee says about you

Ever since it was invented, coffee has been popular among everyone. Go to any kopitiam, restaurant, café or coffee-shop and you will see most people there drinking coffee. Not only is it tasty and helps keep you awake, it is also good for your body. A few cups of coffee everyday helps reduce stress and risk of a heart attack.

There are many types of coffee made, ranging from the expresso to the latte. But did you know that other than the health benefits involved, the favourite type of coffee of choice actually do indicate something about your personality.

Now that I caught your interest, let’s move on to the main topic and see what your favourite coffee type says about you!

Black Coffee
People who love black coffee are basically a force to be reckoned with.  These people are quiet, straightforward, and serious and have a low tolerance for nonsense. Basically, they just want to get things done. In addition, such people are purists and prefer to keep things simple and efficient.

People who love espresso tend to possess leadership qualities and love to take on the role of a leader most of the time. These people are also diligent and know how to get what they want.

People who love latte are crowd-pleasers as they love to make people happy. In addition, they are also good at providing comfort and support to others, as well as being very helpful to others. They will usually go all the way when helping people, making them popular among everyone.

People who love cappuccino are very imaginative people. They have wonderful imaginations people and are good at idea generation. These people are also very creative, honest and self-motivated. They also make good friends and enjoy hanging with creative people like themselves.

People who love Frappuccino tend to be non-mainstream. They set themselves apart from others and dislikes following. Instead, they prefer to set trends and are willing to try everything and anything. These people are usually very brave and possess a love for adventure.

People who love mocha tend to be idealists and are all about living life to the fullest. Being fun-loving in nature, they don’t really bother about what will happen in future. What’s more important to them is how they live life now.

Instant Coffee
People who love instant coffee basically have traditional and laid-back personalities. They are also cheerful and optimistic and prefer to take life as it comes. They do not let themselves get bogged down by anything as they do not like to worry.

Decaf, soy or foamy
People who love drinking decaf, soy or foamy coffee love to be in control of things. Being perfectionists, they want perfection in everything they do and are very detail-oriented. They do not tolerate sloppiness or laziness.

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