WhatsApp Blue Ticks Hidden Feature


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

I believe last week, there were more couples quarrelling over the blue ticks of death, the next deadly blue thing after the blue screen of death. But apparently, there’s even a worse feature in these blue ticks.

Don’t read on if you have a weak heart. If so, welcome to the real blue ticks.

When you tap on the sent message and hold, you’ll see that there is an option for you to view information about the message (it looks different on different phones). When you tap on that, ta-da! The mother of all quarrels appears:

read whatsapp

Now, you must be wondering whether this post is worth sharing or not. Should you let more people know more about this hidden feature? Or would you rather keep it to yourself? Maybe you’re thinking of switching to WeChat or SMS.

Fret not.

Why Bird Paradise Suddenly Became Singapore’s Yishun:

There are rumours (read: rumours) from Germany that beta testers are testing on a feature to disable the blue ticks. Below is the leaked image:


Ladies and gentlemen, let’s now pray hard that this feature, much like the “last seen” feature, will be implemented. Germany, you’ve made many people lose money from the last World Cup. Now it’s time to redeem yourself.