WhatsApp msg received from a person who has died remains a mystery

Instant messaging is very much a fixture in our lives today, with WhatsApp being the instant messenger of choice for many Singaporeans and Malaysians.

With these mobile messaging apps allowing us to talk not just to one person but a whole group of people at the same time, many of us may be part of multiple chat groups in which large numbers of people post meaningless messages throughout the day.

The message a group of friends in Malaysia received though, was far from meaningless; it chilled them down to the bone.

In a chat group of 19 former students of Banda Hilir English Primary School in Malacca, Yong Soo Fah posted a message in the group chat: “Come start happy now all my F.. I go F.”

According to one of his classmates Lim Dow Toon, Yong was never the type to post short messages in the chat group, which made them wonder about the message.

What was more disturbing was that there were personal messages about the passing of Yong going around before they saw Yong’s message in the chat group, which meant that the message was posted after Yong had supposedly passed away.

Spooked, Yong’s friends in the chat group went to check with Yong’s family, who was busy preparing for the wake.

Apparently, Yong’s mobile phone had been switched off shortly after his passing and never turned on from that point of time onwards.

According to the timestamp on WhatsApp, the message was posted at 1.45 pm. That was when Yong’s body was being transported for the wake. A few days later, a relative of Yong told Lim and his friends that they were the only ones to receive that message, after Yong’s relatives switched on Yong’s mobile phone to check.

One of Yong’s classmates in the chat group, Mak, believes that the message could have been one of Yong’s blessings: “Be happy, all my friends…I go first.”

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