Who do you think is the murderer and what it says about your personality

There was a murder in your town and four suspects were arrested by the police. They come all walks of lives, and there wasn’t any evidence to prove any of them guilty. Who do you think is likely to be the real murderer? Find out what your choice says about you!

A professor working in a university

A Murder In Your Town1

You’re the kind of guy who doesn’t believe in anything other than overachieving your goals. You are determine to succeed in both your study and your career. During your free time, you love reading up on celebrity rumors and weird stories on tabloids or entertainment websites like ours.

A cartoon writer

A Murder In Your Town2

When you’re young, you have a dream and even till today, you’re working towards it together with your friends who share similar dreams. Friendship is an important aspect of your life and your friends all have similar interests in the same things that interest you. Your partner and you are likely to have similar personalities as well.

A popular singer

A Murder In Your Town3

You’re often thinking about the topic of love. When you’re in love, you take it seriously. When you’re not, you take it seriously as well.


A women who is doing a part-time job

Xing Xing is a 34-year-old Singaporean who's looking for a boyfriend online. She finally found one but things didn't turn out the way she'd have expected. Watch her heartbreaking story here:

A Murder In Your Town4

You’ll imagine a happy marriage, two wonderful kids and a dog. Watching how the couples in Korean dramas interact and love one another, that’s how you want it to be at your own home as well.

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