Why 100PLUS is called 100PLUS is pretty un-un-un-unbelievable

We all know 100PLUS, don’t we? It’s, after all, one of the more popular isotonic drinks in Singapore’s and Malaysia’s market; We see them at every sporting event, we drink them whenever we are physically active and badly in need of hydration, hell, sometimes we even drink them just because we like the taste.

In fact, some people believed that when you’re suffering from diarrhoea, you should drink 100PLUS as well.

When you’re suffering from diarrhoea, you get dehydrated easily so people would go for 100PLUS as their isotonic solutions are more readily absorbed by the body and replenish the loss of water and electrolytes in your body.

Yes, if you served in SAF, you’d always be wondering why, even for something as minor as diarrhoea, the medical center puts you on an IV drip, which hurts like a bitch when they poke the needle into you. I always thought it’s because they’re sadistic, but now I know better. I still suspect they take joy in poking the needle into you though, because you gave them extra work.

So, why do you think 100PLUS is called 100PLUS? I mean, a brand name has to carry a meaning behind it in order for the company to grow, right? The company has to have a brand name which represents them, and to indicate the overall direction of the company as well.

When I first saw 100PLUS, I thought the name was given because they wanted people to know that if you drink their isotonic drink, your sports performance will be boosted, and definitely allow you to give more than 100% of your effort in your sporting activities.

A writer in the office told me that 100PLUS was named as thus because they wanted to signify that the brand will do better than any of their competitors in the market, achieving better results, 100PLUS marks out of 100.

Another guessed that the name could indicate the culture of the company, telling its employees to give in more than 100% of their efforts in their work; I mean, after all, their tagline is “Outdo Yourself”.

Well, we did a bit of searching today and the answer we got, was pretty unexpected, and cool at the same time.

Here’s the real reason why 100PLUS is named 100PLUS: According to Superbrands, 100PLUS was launched in the 100th year anniversary of its parent company, FRASERS & NEAVE (or F&N, as we know it) and is named as such to commemorate this momentous milestone.

That takes care of 100, but what about the PLUS? Well, it means that they’ve passed the 100 year milestone, but they refuse to just stop there and instead wants to continue creating delicious beverages and drinks for their consumers.

Now, is that cool or what?

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