Why posting images of your boarding pass online is dangerous


Ever since someone decided to stick cameras onto a mobile phone and mobile phones became smart and connected, the Internet has been flooded with photographs that people take at their whim and fancy, often as a means of letting the whole world know what they were up to, also known as showing off.

It has also become popular for people going overseas on a holiday to post photographs of their boarding passes as a kind of evidence and sign that they were about to jet off into the sunset as if the 500 pictures of random things they saw during their holidays weren’t enough.

Fear not, for these photoholics, might just receive some very unwanted and undesirable attention. Apparently, if revealing your entire name and flight number to the whole world wasn’t enough to attract the attention of any would-be kidnappers, conmen or smugglers, the barcode on your boarding pass contains more information than you can imagine, as reported by cyber-security writer Brian Krebs on the news site Krebs on Security.

Using the very same camera on the very same smartphone you happily took the photo of your boarding pass with, any criminal can scan the barcode on your photograph and obtain information that includes your flight records, your frequent flyer number and the exact airport you will be landing in.

With this information, it is actually possible to access your online airline account and not just see all of your future planned flights, but also change seats, cancel flights and reset your account information.

Now imagine all the things I could do to you to screw up your lovely little holiday…so kindly stop posting pictures of your boarding pass online. A better option would be to shred it and set it on fire.

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