With this platform, you get to buy stuff from overseas WITHOUT any shipping fee


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

Imagine you’re looking to buy the latest Nike shoes that are only available in US shops. The price of the shoes is $100, and shipping over to Singapore is $60.

Imagine you’ve a friend who is going to the US next week. Would you get him to buy for you? And maybe give him some kopi money, say, $10?

Now, imagine that you don’t even need a friend who is going to the US to buy for you. You can just request for the shoes online, and someone who is going to the US will buy for you and pass it to you. As for the money, you will have to pay first but that someone will not receive it until the item is confirmed to be in Singapore.

Simple enough? Well, imagine no more. It’s now a reality.

A Singapore-based company is apparently doing the middleman, connecting “you” with that “someone”.  Or you can be that “someone”—and because that “someone” is taking the effort to help “you” buy something, that “someone” will also earn some “kopi money”.

Known as Airfrov, it promises “to enable shoppers to tap on the burgeoning travellers network to get their favourite brands and unique items, from all over the world.”


While shopping online in international sites such as Amazon is addictive and a lot more convenient, it is the almost non-existent shipping cost that Airfrov offers that is both attractive and innovative. Currently, we’ve got nothing to buy overseas—but maybe, someday, when we do have one, we’ll just post a request. The best part is that we might even get the item earlier than buying it on Amazon!

Have an item to buy from overseas? Or going overseas soon and want to “tompang”? Check it out here: https://www.airfrov.com/

Fresh grads, you don’t need any experience to earn up to $4,200 with this “secret”:

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