Woman Microwaved Eggs & They Exploded In Her Face, Which Might Cause Her to be Blind in 1 Eye

Pretty sure you’ve read somewhere that certain things can’t be microwaved.

For example, you can’t microwave fruits, pepper and your annoying younger sister. Also, most of us would know that you can’t microwave eggs.

A 22-year-old lady in England knew that because she’s just like any millennial who lives in the Internet.

But that’s the problem: she probably knew from online sites that microwaving eggs is a big no-no, but she also read somewhere that microwaving them in saltwater would be safe.

And the worst of this? The source she had was allegedly from Delish, a popular website whose parent company is Hearst Communications, one of the largest media companies that also publishes print magazines like ELLE (in the US & UK) and Men’s Health.

Here’s what happened, and a lesson that all of us should really learn.

But first off, some common sense.

Eggs & Microwave Aren’t BFF

Technically speaking, eggs and microwave are BFF; eggs with shells and microwave aren’t BFF.

You see, microwave doesn’t use your convention heat to cook your food; instead, they kind of “alter” the molecules of the food, making them “rotate” and therefore creating heat. If you eat full nothing to do, you can tap here to understand the entire process.

So, microwaving deshelled eggs are completely fine; they’ll just heat up as per usual. It’s the same if you microwave your annoying sister: all her cells would heat up and she’ll make even more noise.

But when there’s a shell, there’s a problem.

The egg would be so hot, it’ll “exhale” the heat through the pores of the shell. When it’s too hot and the shell can no longer hold its shape, the shell would break. As the egg is constantly “exhaling”, a sudden breakage would lead the egg to “explode”.

Get it now?

22-Year-Old’s Breakfast Became a Nightmare

Last Tuesday, 22-year-old Bethany Rosser, an insurance worker, decided to cook her eggs in a microwave oven for her breakfast. She was acutely aware that eggs would explode in microwave oven, but somehow, she read on the Delish website that as long as salt is added, the eggs wouldn’t explode.

If it’s on Delish, it’s real, right? I mean, they have over 20 million followers in Facebook. Can’t go wrong with that.

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I tried looking for the exact URL but couldn’t find it. However, according to Daily Mail, the website allegedly wrote that salt must be added to ensure that “the egg won’t explode, and though it might sound harmless, exploding eggs ARE VERY BAD…We’re talking volcanic hot egg pieces and sharp bits of shell flying everywhere. Skip the salt at your own risk!”

And so, she followed the instructions to a T, cooking the eggs at 600W for six minutes.

Throughout the six minutes, nothing happened; she looked in and it seemed like Delish was right after all.

But when she took it out and looked at them, the shells gave way and exploded right in her face.

She said, “As I looked into the jug to see if the eggs were done, they went bang in my face. It only happened as I took them out, though. The eggs were fine in the microwave. Once I’d taken them out and shut the microwave door, they just burst all of a sudden.”

She immediately went to splash cold water on her face. “As I splashed myself, I could see my skin peeling off. It felt horrible, I was in total agony. I could feel my skin burning for hours afterwards – even while it was being treated in hospital. It felt like my skin was being ripped off, it was so scary. I’ve never been so scared in my life – I was shaking and crying.”

Soon, she was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birminham, West Midlands. The doctors said that some long-term discolouration on her face is expected, but it’s unknown whether her right eye would recover as it had to be sealed due to the swelling.


The lady turned from this…

Image: SWNS

…to this:

Image: SWNS

All because of eggs.

The moral of the story? Use common sense and don’t believe everything on the Internet. If you die-die need to believe, then take precautions. Because I just Googled and see that even Wikihow has a tutorial that recommends microwaving eggs with salt.

Be a smart Internet user.



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