Woman receive flowers on Val’s Day and was hospitalized after that

With the Valentine’s Day just past, a lot of girls and women have received flowers from their partners or pursuers. These flower recipients would’ve been beaming with joy and happiness, all bar one. When we heard this shocking news of a woman who was hospitalized after receiving flowers on V Day, we just wanted to share it with you. Although the story might not be what you’d have expected.

A man from China, Jiangsu province wanted to be romantic and gave his wife flowers on Valentine’s. His wife, known as Zhang, had a shock as she was too surprised from the flowers. It was her husband’s first bouquet of flowers to her and she was too agitated, resulting in her extreme cough.

Zhang, 48 years old, was down with flu and had a bad cough. This shock caused her to cough to worsen and she was hospitalized when she discovered she had chest pains. It was reported that the cause of her chest pains were 7-8 broken rib bones. From coughing. Because her husband gave her a flower.

Because Zhang was obese, she stood a higher chance of breaking ribs due to coughing. Standing at 160cm and weighing over 70kg, Zhang’s fats around the stomach area caused the force generated from coughing to be concentrated on her chest area, and resulted in a fractured rib cage.

Now, we’re unable to verify whether this story is true or not, but hey, stranger things has happened before, right? How about husband biting off wife’s nose simply because she didn’t pick up his phone call?

So boyfriends and hubbies out there, what lesson can you draw from this? It’s great to be romantic and all, but gradually work your way up, alright? If not, you might just give your girlfriend or wife a rude shock that’s not going to end well. So if you always bring her to coffee shops, bring her to food courts first before proceeding on up to fine dining restaurants.

Now, here’s a couple of tips to protect your rib cage when coughing: You should squat down and put pressure with your hand over the chest area if you are have serious coughing issues so as to not damage your rib cage.


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