You won’t believe which country loves selfies the most (hint: it’s very close to our home)


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

Try guessing which city in the world has the most number of selfies taken. Maybe one in a developed country like the US? Or maybe one in a country that now sets the trend for the world like South Korea? Or maybe, a small country with high-spending power like Singapore?

Well, the US part is correct: according to , based on the ratio of selfies taken to the number of people living in a city, the US “wins” with three cities out of the top ten cities. But guess which is the city with the most number of selfies taken?

Don’t go so far; it’s nearer than you can imagine. It’s in the Philippines, in Makati and Pasig. We now know why some of our Filipino friends always stop halfway during a walk just to take a selfie, and why one of my Filipino friends always insist on buying a phone with a good front-facing camera. Do you know that another of their city, Cebu City, is also in the top 10?

But even closer to home is one interesting result: Petaling Jaya in Malaysia is #5. Yes, we all know how Malaysians like to take selfies, and how addicted they are to their phones, but the world is so big and our dear Malaysia gets #5? I mean, yes, our prime ministers (Singapore and Malaysia) did take a selfie together before, but then again…

And in #10, which is still the top 10, lies an island of selfies: George Town. Yeah, you’ve read right: in a relatively small country like Malaysia, two of its cities reach the top 10 cities of selfies.

Malaysia boleh lah.


Here are the results for you to cry over:

1. Makati City and Pasig, Philippines – 258 selfie-takers per 100,000 people
2. Manhattan, New York – 202 selfie-takers per 100,000 people
3. Miami, Florida – 155 selfie-takers per 100,000 people
4. Anaheim and Santa Ana, California – 147 selfie-takers per 100,000 people
5. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – 141 selfie-takers per 100,000 people
6. Tel Aviv, Israel – 139 selfie-takers per 100,000 people
7. Manchester, England – 114 selfie-takers per 100,000 people
8. Milan, Italy – 108 selfie-takers per 100,000 people
9. Cebu City, Philippines – 99 selfie-takers per 100,000 people
10. George Town, Malaysia – 95 selfie-takers per 100,000 people

Oh, in case you’re wondering, Singapore is rank #53, with 47 selfie-takers per 100,000 people. And just for fun: our neighbour across the causeway (Johor Babru) is ranked #50 with 48 selfie-takers per 100,000 people. They’ve won us in soccer. Now in selfies, too?

Let’s now all go north to take many selfies, just so to rank better than JB.


Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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