You won’t believe what fast-food restaurant this is


Last Updated on 2016-07-05 , 1:31 pm

If you think it’s an “atas” fast-food restaurant from French or Italy, serving food that can’t fill up half of your stomach at double the price, nothing could be further from the truth. This is the truth.


Yes, it’s KFC. The KFC that we’ve often makan and forgot after a few minutes. The same KFC that we didn’t even bother to take a second look at the surrounding.

This outlet is located at Guthrie House. Don’t be surprised if you’ve not heard of it before: it’s located in the middle of an affluent residential estate (possibly the richest residential estate to Singapore), near Bukit Timah Road. Or, to be exact, near Sixth Avenue. If you’ve been in Singaporean long enough, you’ll know that there are many big bungalows around that area.

And without a doubt, there’s no MRT Station beside it (YET).

Go check it out! The address is 1 Fifth Avenue, Singapore 268802. In fact, it’s quite near to Ngee Ann Polytechnic / SIM!


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