Would You ‘Die’ Eating Instant Noodles Every Day? Here Are the Facts


Most Singaporeans turn to their favourite cup or packet of instant noodles whenever they need a decent snack or a quick meal.

However cheap and convenient they are, most Singaporeans are also well aware of their documented impacts on your health, but how much do they really affect you?

Here are the facts about instant noodles that might set you thinking twice the next time you reach for one.

The flour that goes into the noodles
Instant noodles are made of maida – a milled, refined and bleached version of flour that has been totally stripped of its nutrients. In short, what you are eating are simply calories and nothing else.

The bad fats
Before being dried, instant noodles are often flash fried in oil, usually palm oil, which contains a lot of saturated fat – and the noodles happily suck them all up. Saturated fat is bad for you, and can lead to various chronic diseases.

The salt
In order to make it tasty, the seasoning powder in instant noodles is often laden with sodium, which can lead to hypertension, and try you out very quickly – that’s why you often feel thirsty even after gulping down all that soup.

They’re hard to digest
If you thought that soggy noodles wouldn’t stand a chance against your stomach, think again. At the Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr Braden Kuo used a pill-sized camera to track the movement of instant noodles down your digestive tract and found that they were astonishingly hard to digest.

This means that all those additives are going to stay in your gut, and not get passed out of your body all that easily. If all these facts weren’t enough to discourage you and you have 10 minutes to spare, watch this Youtube video made in 2004 by New Zealander Kieran Dooley, who lived purely on instant noodles for a month.


He not only lost a staggering amount of weight and felt terrible but even started to feel depressed!

All that being said, it is fine to have some once in a while. Just don’t do it every day.

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