Wouldn’t you want a teacher just like her? She teaches in an all-boys school


Last Updated on 2017-06-21 , 7:10 pm

Guys, when I say teacher, what image comes to mind? I’d bet for some, it will be some frumpy old lady with gold-coloured frame and a frown on her face (Just think back to the primary school Chinese teacher who always make you stay back during recess for failing 听写).

Well, guys, let me show you a photo of a female teacher in a Korean all-boys school. She isn’t frumpy nor grumpy, and if she ever asks students to stay back during recess, hell yeah I’d fail at every  single 听写 she gives.  

beautiful teacher 3
Image: koreaboo.com

According to Korea Boo, Lee Nayeong was already well-known for being an ulzzang (Beauty) in University. She participated in Miss Korea and made it to the preliminaries before she decided to settle down for a career in teaching. And boy, were her students glad! Both smart and beautiful, she’s making headlines both online and offline, and is said to be the most beautiful teacher in the entirety of Korea.

beautiful teacher 1
Image: koreaboo.com

Well, I’d bet her students won’t have trouble staying awake in her class. In fact, I think they’ll go to school even if they’re really sick. Lucky buggers.

beautiful teacher 2
Image: koreaboo.com

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