Write your own Chinese couplets and send to your friends—all digitally!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

It’s 2015. We no longer use fax machines, nor do we send letters to our friends. Everything is digitalized.

And now, you can even write your own Chinese couplet and send to your friends—digitally!

Using with either your desktop or mobile phone, you can write a Chinese couplet and share it. If you’ve even tried writing a real one before, you’ll know how difficult it is. Now, try it the digital way; it’s much easier and you can try again and again.

Apparently, we tried more than ten times before we create this.


Now, give your friends and family a surprise! Just go to https://chinesenewyear.withgoogle.com/editor?hl=en , create your masterpiece and send / share.


Happy new year!

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