Written a negative feedback online? You may be fined

The Internet gets more interesting with each passing day.

Apparently, a couple stayed in a hotel in the UK, and when the experience was less than desirable, they wrote a bad review in TripAdvisor—one of the to-go websites we often use before taking our vacations. After that, the hotel charged an additional £100 two days later to their credit card, citing that they were upset with their “insulting comments” to their staff.

To be fair, the hotel does have a policy—that “for every bad review left on any website, the group organiser will be charged a maximum £100 per review.” Wait, did I just say “to be fair”? So having an unfair policy, but giving a heads up, is considered fair? Sounds a lot like Sim Lim Square.

Now, this is both new and scary—does that mean they actually saved our credit cards details? So one day, when they decided to close down, they can just charge $10,000 to our cards and disappear?

Eventually, after many complaints, they refunded the amount. However, this will stay with everyone forever: so nowadays, providing personal feedback can backfire, and it’s a cash cow for businesses.

Good, so if anyone gives me a negative feedback on Amazon and Goodreads now, I can track them down and get them to pay me more. I should make money from fining people instead of selling books. Just take a look at the TripAdvisor website and you will know how much the hotel has earned through “fines” instead of “stays”. Jover Chew, do you run this business?

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