Yam Ah Mee: 5 facts you’ve probably forgotten about our beloved GE2011 RO


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 5:01 pm

If you can’t remember who Yam Ah Mee is, here’s a recap:

Remember him now? Just one thing that you should take note of: in this GE, he won’t be the Returning Officer, so you won’t be able to hear him say the “Perusal to…” Nevertheless, we know you still miss him, and want to know him more. Here’re some updates or facts about him!

He was a Brigadier-General in the Air Force
Just because he’s wearing a suit on stage doesn’t mean he isn’t an ex-soldier. Just for your info, that rank is a VERY high rank—in other words, he’s a high-flyer.

He is no longer with People’s Association
When he was our beloved Returning Officer, he was the head of PA and because of that, some of us get to know PA more. But in 2013, he left PA and became the managing director of Sembcorp Design and Construction.

He has a Master’s Degree from Harvard
Not other that, he too has another Master’s Degree from NUS, and got his first degree overseas in University of New South Wales. In other words, that’s one heck of a highly educated RO (but it’s not that surprising, isn’t it?).

He starred in a musical
Okay, maybe not a commercial one, but it’s still cool to see him dance. Well, action speaks louder than words, so here goes…


His son is a pilot and was involved in the latest SG50 NDP air formation
Remember the “50” formation you see during this year’s National Day? One of the pilots is Captain Gabriel Yam—son of Mr Yam Ah Mee. How cool can that be?

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