Yet another Facebook Page saga, this time a salon but who’s at fault this time?


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 5:01 pm

Due to the recent Facebook page sagas by both Crab in da Bag and Lavastone Steakhouse, which was pretty epic, we decided to keep a lookout for more of such incidents. We managed to come across one that’s not as epic but just as exciting in its own way as well.

We came across this Facebook page – Thanks Hairdressing Studio and we happened to see a 1-star review posted by a customer who was turned away by the salon.


The interesting thing about this review is this. Instead of complaining about getting bad service or cheated out of her money, this customer was instead unhappy about getting turned away because the owner was not willing to risk taking on her hair and risk damaging it further.

When someone commented that she had the same experience, the reviewer decided to share more on her thoughts.


Why Bird Paradise Suddenly Became Singapore’s Yishun:

Thinking that he didn’t deserve the bad review as he was only showing integrity and honesty by turning away the customer instead of potentially damaging his customer’s hair and cheating her of her money, he decided to reply on the review with his side of the story, albeit in a sarcastic and passive-aggressive manner.


Naturally, such a reply couldn’t be left unattended, and the unhappy customer replied with her own salvo.



Which kind of escalate, or was it degenerate, into personal attacks and increasingly scathing words.



And both decided to have the last word in before ceasing their “war”.


thanks 8
Image: Facebook (Aida Abdul Rahman)

thanks 9

When another satisfied customer decides to take it upon herself to keep the peace, this is what happens.


In the end, after much debate, the reviewer decided to reveal her reason for her 1-star rating. And gave her final thoughts before retiring to bed.




While some think that Thanks Hairdressing Studio should be forgiven


Others took offence at how Thanks Hairdressing Studio replied to bad reviews


So, what do you think? We think that it takes two hands to clap, and while the reviewer might have been a tad bit aggressive, the business should not react aggressively and just take it lying down. Do you agree?


*All images from Thanks Hairdressing Salon Facebook page