You don’t need CASH or CAR to find a girlfriend. You need this C

It has been widely established by many that as long as you have a car and lots of cash in Singapore, you’ll be attached in no time even if you’ve never got a girlfriend before. It became so widespread that when you own a car, people would just make the assumption that you’ve a girlfriend, simply because owning one also connotes that you’re rich.

How true is that? Absolutely not, but there’s a reason why this misconception is so popular.

You’d have seen many guys without car or even a steady income having an attractive girlfriend. If so, what’s their secret? It all actually lies in another C—called confidence.

According to many relationship advices, it has been proven again and again that girls are primarily attracted by a man’s confidence. Being confident is not a “say say only” thing, whereby you go up to a woman and say, “Hi, I’m a confident man.” It’s small actions that are often derived involuntarily, like not being fearful to speak up or standing up straight and strong. We won’t want to give you a lesson on confidence, but you should be able to tell from just being in your office or class—a confident man is hard to miss.

But if so, why are the 5Cs, or more specifically, cash and car, being pulled in to increase a man’s attractiveness by some?

Simply put, it’s because when one is rich, one would usually be more confident and less fearful. It’s like if you’ve got $1,000,000 in your bank account—would you be more confident of yourself? You know you’ve something to fall back on if you lose, maybe, $1,000. While it can be a matter of power or authority, the logic is similar: if you’ve got power or money, confidence will automatically come to you. You seldom see a rich man without confidence—humble, yes, but no confidence, no.

So what’s the solution? Well, since money is hard to earn and confidence can come not just from being rich, you should get the idea now: it’s all about getting your confidence back. One way that my friend has once suggested is pretty awesome: he says that even if you’ve got no money to buy an LV bag, just go into the shop, test out all the bags and walk off. This will instill confidence in you. Of course there’re many other ways to boost your confidence (hundreds of books in the library waiting for you, Bro), but the key factor is this: stop looking down on yourself, and stop thinking that car and money attract women.

Go for it; go for the C that has been missing in your life and you’ll be attached in no time.

The Goody Feed Team comprises either several in-house writers or an individual in-house writer who prefers to stay anonymous. The reason to stay anonymous is simple: a writer won’t want his girlfriend to read an article like “10 things boyfriends hate about their girlfriends”, right?