You might just go blind if you wear contact lenses during these 6 moments


Do you wear contact lenses? They’re convenient, makes you look good and allow you to forgo wearing a cumbersome pair of glasses and avoid looking like a nerd.

Sounds like they’re a godsend to us, aren’t they? But while there’s good in wearing them, there’s also some circumstances you should never, ever wear your contact lens because it might just cause irreparable damage to your eyes if you’re unlucky.

Here are 6 moments in your life that you should never, ever wear your contact lens. At least not without protection. If you’ve done them before, here’s why you should stop doing so. Now.


Wearing contact lens and riding a bike for a long distance If you wear contact lens and ride a bike, it might be prudent to ensure that you have some sort of protective covering protecting your eyes. With the wind whipping past your head at such high speed, this will dry the contact lens in your eyes, and if left for a long period of time, might lead to the lens hardening which will damage the cornea of your eyes.

During your period
It’s said that during your period, the pressure in your eye skyrockets, and if you insist on wearing contact lens, it might just result in undesirable consequences for your eye in general.

Having a flu
Here’s why you shouldn’t wear contact lens when you’re having the flu. Imagine all that dirt, bugs and bacteria you’re releasing to the air, then think of how you’ll feel when you realise that by putting on your contact lenses, you’re also introducing all sort of nasty bacteria to your eyeball?

Taking the aeroplane


When you’re taking a flight, it’s best to wear your spectacles instead of wearing contact lens. When you’re in the air, the pressure between your body and the external environment varies a lot, and this might result in undue pressure exerted on the lenses which might cause it to change its shape which can adversely affect your cornea and cause irreparable damage.

When you’re pregnant with child
It’s not advisable for you to wear contact lens if you’re with child. It’s said that if you do so, it could result in damage to your eyes and because you can’t eat a lot of medicine during the pregnancy period, your eye condition might take a turn for the worse.

In the water
There’s plenty of bacteria and organisms within the water, and if you don’t clean your contact lens immediately after getting out, you run the risk of getting cornea infection which might just lead to blindness.

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