You might see this 20-year-old Singaporean girl in WWE soon. Here’re five facts about her.


Last Updated on 2017-05-20 , 2:52 pm

If you grew up watching World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), or World Wrestling Federation (WWF) for those who are old enough, you might not know that Singapore boasts the first wrestling school in South-East Asia.

Yes, you heard me right – we have our very own home-grown superstars who are striving to make it onto the international stage one day. Twenty-year-old Alexis Lee is the little red dot’s first female professional wrestler, aptly known as the Lion City Hit Girl.

I had the chance to interview Alexis recently, and here are 5 surprising things that you should know about the Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) diva.

1. She was bullied in school
Alexis went through a tough period in high school. In her own words, she was the loner who was teased and left out. That trying phase led her to start watching WWE on YouTube. Seeing the good guys kicking the butts of the bad guys was inspirational, and ultimately led her to take up wrestling herself. Let’s see who dares to tease her now.

2. The WARM-UP of a typical wrestling training session will make your BMT PTIs seem like angels
Hearing Alexis describe a normal training session in the life of a pro wrestler is enough to make me report sick. Exercises include 200-250 squats, 50 push-ups and lion push-ups, 200 crunches or 60 leg raises. Sometimes planks and knee jumps are thrown in as dessert. And that’s just the warm-up, mind you. No surprise that their head trainer is a Russian badass, and of course I meant that in a good way.

3. Her parents did not know she was wrestling
Our wrestling diva clearly has a rebel streak in her. This is not only reflected in her courageous decision to go against the grain and pursue something out of the norm – but also in the way the then-18-year-old did not consult her parents when she got started in the ring. Who says young Singaporeans don’t have a mind of their own! Her dad still doesn’t know, so please don’t share this article with him. Her mum, though, happened to see her on TV once during an episode of Secret Singapore.


4. Her friends think it is absolutely un-un-un-un-unbelievable
While her friends are quite supportive of her wrestling career, their initial reactions typically range from ‘you’re too skinny’ to ‘it’s a joke, right?’ Alexis, who has been wrestling for two years, stands at a petite 162cm and weighs 48kg. If she can take the falls and bumps that occur in the ring, withstanding brutal manoeuvres that are executed on her – stop getting your maid to carry your full pack!

5. Her short career thus far has been more electrifying than my entire life combined
When I asked Alexis about the most exciting highlight of her career so far, she recounted her match with Australian wrestler Savannah Summers. That match came after she was absent from the ring for a year. To come out from a long hiatus and face an accomplished international wrestler who has 8 years of experience under her belt – I can only imagine how daunting it was.

The modest young woman, who calls herself a ‘rookie’, also beat three guys at the Breakthrough tournament back in August 2013. As a supporter of our local athletes, I certainly hope to see Alexis competing at the top level someday. Picture Mickie James versus Alexis Lee at WrestleMania in Madison Square Garden.

We wish her all the best in her journey to become the next wrestling Superstar.


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