You mustn’t miss this hidden JB staycation that lets you cook, has a bathtub and is damn gigantic


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Most of us Singaporeans would be familiar with City Square, the mall that is just next to JB checkpoint.

Some Singaporeans who drive, or some who just like to explore JB, would be relatively familiar with KSL, another mall that somehow has as many Singaporeans as much as Malaysians.

But do you know that just above KSL, there’s a resort?

Now, imagine this: after a long day of shopping in KSL, and some nice zi char at the coffeeshops next to it, you merely need to walk one minute back to your apartment. And once you’re in it, you can either sit on the balcony that is as big as a storeroom and chit-chat, take a long bath in the bathtub or cook your favourite food because you’re always hungry in JB.

Welcome to the KSL resort, a relatively hidden staycation spot that you really shouldn’t miss for anything.

Just for the record, KSL has two “resorts”: one is the normal hotel and the other is the serviced apartment. We’re talking about the apartment, because hotel-wise, there’re so many other choices, eh?


So, this hidden resort or I should call it an apartment, is big. VERY BIG. If you book a studio apartment, in which there’s only one room, it’s the size of, maybe, a three-room HDB flat. You’ll have a small kitchen, a toilet with bathtub, a cosy living room, a larger-than-usual balcony and a king size bed.

And have I mentioned that it’s literally one minute away from KSL?

You won’t even need to walk out of KSL—they’re connected. Well, words are useless so here’re a few images taken by others. I did stay there but let’s just say taking pictures isn’t one of my fortes.


The small kitchen comes with all cooking utensils you need, even a rice cooker. However, you would need to buy your own ingredients—but hey, KSL is just downstairs, remember?


And how much does it all cost? About SGD$70 for one night in the studio.

While it is relatively pricier than some other hotels in JB, here’s a serviced apartment just next to KSL. And if you’re driving, you get free parking, too (though, well, parking in JB isn’t about the cost).

To get there via public transport (which I suggest since you won’t want to leave the apartment once you’re in it), simply take a bus to JB checkpoint and proceed to the taxi counter downstairs. The taxi ride is about RM10 (or SGD$3). If you take Uber, it’ll be relatively cheaper!

If you’re driving, you should know where KSL is. Just remember to enter via the D’esplanade Residence, which is just next to the steep KSL entrance.

Now, say goodbye to Singaporean staycations and welcome to KSL staycation!

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