You Should Be Worried If a Cashier ‘Swipes’ Your Card

By now, all of our credit or debit cards in Singapore should be chip-based. Known as EMV, this is the small chip that you see on your card that is used for all transactions.

If anyone of you still remembers, a few years back, we were still “swiping” our card with the black magnetic stripe on the back of our cards. An EMV card is much safer as it cannot be cloned easily.

The data is encrypted so replication of it is much tougher. Conversely, for magnetic stripe cards, all it takes is a “swipe” and the contents will be replicated. Since it’s relatively safe to use our cards in Singapore, why should we worry so much?

Well, in other countries, they might still be using magnetic stripes, and because of our ignorance as we’ve not been using it for quite a while, you really need to know this. Usually, a POS machine will look like this, with an option to swipe or insert the card.

Now, most cashiers in Singapore would be inserting the card at the bottom of the POS machine.


So, let’s say you’re overseas, and you need to make payment overseas, and they’re using this machine instead.


That’s when you need to be alert. This is apparently a cloning machine—instead of just doing a normal transaction, it could be cloning your card.

While the best possible solution is to ensure that you check your statement regularly, prevention is always better: so just take note of this, and share this with your friends!

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