You will be AWED by what Jay Chou did for his wife confinement

Jay Chou has always been known for his cool image, but who knew that he has such a sweet side to him as well? You are no doubt aware of Jay Chou becoming a father when his newly wedded wife, model-actress Hannah Quinlivan gave birth to their daughter on July 10 this year. After all, news of their wedding, secret wedding and pregnancy made waves when it first came out this year. And we have to say, Jay Chou has done it again.

News of this couple has once again hit the headlines when he purportedly rented out the entire 6th storey of the luxurious Ma Cherie Post Partum Center at Jinsan South Road, a Taipei Confinement Hotel near his house.

Reported by Apple Taiwan Daily, it printed a picture of what it claimed were Quinvilan’s car in the basement car park. The Centre denied that “such a new mother” has checked in and also claims that all six rooms of the floor were gradually emptied out and a woman was moved out of the floor to make way for his wife. Chou’s label JVR Music has also denied such claims as well.

But, if true, taking up the whole floor will cost Chou about NT$2.2 million (S$96,800) for a month, during which his wife will enjoy six meals a day with dishes such as five-grain rice, oyster sauce pig trotters and sesame oil pig liver soup, Apple said.

Chou obviously wanted the privacy and the strict access the centre afforded, it added. Its proximity to his home also allows him to drop by easily for visits.

We can definitely see the advantages of having a superstar as a husband. Now we just have to hope that we don’t get compared to him when our wives are going through their confinement periods!


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