What is The Safest Seat In A Car? Hint: It’s Not The Front Seat

For many years, everyone, especially car drivers has been debating about this: what is the safest seat in a car?

And the second most debated question: why is the front seat called shotgun? But that’s for another day.

Some people argued that it is the front while some insisted that it was the back seats that had the most danger. But argue or debate no more!

Because the answer had finally been revealed.

Seat Analysis

Before I reveal the answer, let’s do a seat analysis.

Depending on how you collide, both the front passenger seat and the back seats could become the safest seat in the car.

That is, if you’re wearing a seatbelt.

This is mainly because you cannot just say which spot in a car is the most dangerous. You still have to consider other factors such as the collision speed, impact and direction as well as if do not put on seatbelts.

If the collision is a head-on collision, then yea, the front passenger seat is more dangerous. Let me explain why. You see, during a front collision, the majority of the impact will be at the front. So, this leaves the front driver and front passenger.

But the reason why the front driver is slightly safer is that firstly, at least you can swerve away to reduce the impact. Secondly, providing that you are not wearing seatbelts (ignore airbags), when you hit head-on, the driver at least have the steering wheel to prevent him from flying through the windscreen.

But for the front passenger, there is nothing in front of him to prevent him from flying through the windshield and cracking his head in the process as there is no steering wheel to restrain him.

Plus, since they are not operating the car, unlike the driver who has to be in the proper position, they can just slouch, rest their head on the glass etc. so as such, in the event of a head-on collision, they are more likely to sustain serious injuries.

There is a reason why they call it the death seat. And of course, the safest will be the back seat since it is further away from the impact point and will receive less damage.

But if the collision is a back collision, then the back seat will be the most dangerous, assuming if you are not wearing seatbelts since the impact is coming from the back this time and you are sitting at the back, thus you will feel the worst of the impact.

Likewise, the front seat will be the safest this time round as they are further from the impact point, so they will take lesser damage compared to the back seats.

What Is The Safest Seat in A Car?

But nowadays, with technological advancements, car safety has also increased and bumpers, crumple zones and airbags have already been added. But at the end of the day, if you are still not wearing your seatbelt, no matter which seat you are in during impact, you will still be seriously injured.

Okay, maybe not as serious due to crumple zones and airbags but your injury will definitely not be light.

Admit it, when we are in our own cars or take other cars, especially when we sit in the back or travel short distances, we tend to not put on seatbelts. I mean, for those travelling short distances, there is no point and for those in the back seat, we just don’t want to because it is too restricting.

But my point here is, no one knows what will happen. Even if it is a short distance, accidents can still occur, not to mention those in back seats.

When that happens, no matter where you seat, it will still be dangerous simply because you are not wearing your seatbelts.

So the final conclusion is: The most dangerous seat in a car is: The seat you are in if you are not wearing seatbelts!

So start wearing your seatbelts today,  no matter which car seat you are in!

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