You won’t believe that these modules exist in S’pore tertiary institutions

If you thought that studying in local universities is all work and no play, then you might just be wrong. If you’re more savvy and knows that there are fun modules that exists, but thought the coolest is badminton and basketball, hey, you’re never more wrong too.

Students studying in local universities NTU and NUS works hard for their degree, but never accuse them of not having a holistic education because you might just be surprised at what goes on in some of the modules that’s offered at these institutions.

From weird and quirky to cool and modern, you’ll find your mind boggled (like us) when you come across some of these modules. The first thing that comes to your mind is probably, “So cool. I should’ve studied harder.” Trust us, it’s the same for us. So, let us delve into some of these modules you’ll never believe exist. Don’t you agree?

Love Actually? The Social Construction of Romantic Love (FMA1201Q Freshmen Seminar/NUS)

modules 2

University is like a model of real life in the future, with students meeting obstacles and finding love within the institution. What better than to teach these students how to navigate the complicated field of love than this module, which gives them an in-depth study and understanding of love in it’s best form – dissected and laid out at their feet? For guys and girls who really need help, you’ll no longer have to bungle around in confusion and ruin what could have been the greatest relationship of your life. I wished I had this lesson too, don’t you?

Social-Cognitive Perspectives of Emotion (PL3252/NUS)

Do you often find yourself growing defensive, irritated and angry, or maybe you have butterflies in your stomach or feel yourself shiver in delight, yet you don’t really understand why you feel that way? Well, wonder no more, because this module delve into your mind, literally, and teaches you not just to recognize your emotions, but also to understand the nature and the mechanisms behind them.

Forensic Science (GEK1542 NUS)/Introduction to Forensic Science (CM8012 NTU)

Fans of CSI and Lie to Me, you’ll not want to miss this module. From animal hair to human hairs, delving deep into the psychology of hardened criminals, picking up fingerprints and all things related to investigating crime scenes, you’ll be learning from true forensic scientists and be updated on the latest forensic techniques and equipment in the field.

Perfumes and Cosmetics (PR2202/NUS)

Ladies, this could just be the perfect module for you, if you’re interested in what goes into your favorite perfume and the entire manufacturing process. After all, it’s not exactly classwork if you’re having fun right? And it’s not just perfume, it’s your foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, you name it, they probably have it. Chances are you’ll either love your products more, or get turned off from them by what you learn in class.

The Korean Wave: A multidisciplinary perspective (CS4160/NTU)

modules 1

Tell me something, isn’t it awesome to know that you’ll be watching K-pop girl groups and hunks strut and dance on the screen during class? Okay, the module isn’t as simple as that, but if you’ve always been the curious sort, or you’re just so in love with the Korean wave, you’ll need to attend this class.

Discussions is carried out about the reasons behind the rise of the K-wave, the behind-the-scenes, so to speak, of what we see on our television screens and more. What are you waiting for? May the fastest fingers win.

Technologically Speaking: The Intersection of Language and Technology (HG8003/NTU)

Are you looking for an easy pass? Here’s one for you. This module delve into how technology has changed the way we speak, and since you already know all the short forms like LOL, YOLO and ROFL, LMAO and all that, you’re already halfway there. Cool, no?

Mind over Stress (HP8001/NTU)

School is stressful, what with the projects, the deadlines, the politics and the social pressure. NTU understands that and provide this module for the students and help them to understand the different pressure and stressed faced by individuals living in Singapore. Stress management is one of the key tenets to success, and we think this is probably one of the top few picks students should try to go for, don’t you agree?

Are you okay? Mental Health in Singapore (HP8003/NTU)

Mental health is a bit of an iffy subject in Singapore society, and not much people know about how to go about detecting psychological issues before it’s too late, which is a pretty bad thing because, well, everyone’s afraid to speak up. This module is incredibly useful, telling you the early warning signs to look out for and the different avenues in Singapore you can seek help from like Polyclinics, Family Service Centres, etc.

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