You’ll be AWED by this café that prints your selfie as its cream


Like selfie? Like high-end coffee as well? Then the Selfie Coffee café in Haji lane is the place for you.

When I first saw the image being shared by a friend in Facebook, I went apeshit: is it just an image printed on the lid of a bubble tea plastic cup? Even if that’s so, it’s so damn cool.

And so, I Googled a little more, intending to make this café a to-go this weekend. And guess what I found? It’s not just on the plastic lid of a cup of bubble tea. It’s on the cream. ON THE CREAM.

Here’s one of their images on Facebook:

Image: Facebook (Shreeya Shenoy)

Honestly speaking, it doesn’t matter how the coffee tastes like. It’s a must go, just to look at yourself and, erm, drink yourself.

According to The Straits Times, it costs $7.50 for a hot coffee, $8.50 for a cold coffee and $8.90 for a frappe.

I was expecting more since the technology seems…so futuristic. And so damn cool. If you’ve tried it, why not tell us how it is?

The place is at 11 Haji Lane Singapore 189204 and it opens from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.


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